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Custom Text Neon Signs

Custom Text Neon Signs

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Custom neon signs are a highly aesthetic and artistically appealing decorative lighting fixture and brand promotion medium, suitable for a variety of home and retail decorations, as well as wedding and party embellishments. They are also ideal for various exhibitions and brand promotion displays. Our custom-made neon letters, text, and name signs represent the finest craftsmanship available on the market. As a comprehensive custom workshop, we can create any unique neon sign to make your space stand out.
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Product Description: Custom Neon Letters / Writing / Name Signs

As a professional factory specializing in custom neon signs, we are dedicated to excellence in our manufacturing process, constantly striving to deliver the best quality custom neon signs..

ꔷ Quality standards beyond industry levels: Even though these are handmade products, we strive for the highest quality standards, ensuring the product is flawless and not excusing any imperfections due to it being handmade.

ꔷ Pursuit of aesthetic excellence: From design to production, every detail is dedicated to making each custom neon sign a work of aesthetic art.

ꔷ Transparent pricing: An open and transparent pricing list, with no hidden fees and no room for vague quotes.

ꔷ Fully customizable: As a professional custom factory, we have the capability to meet any personalized production requirements.


Features and benefits of the product

ꔷ High-quality, durable materials: Our custom neon signs refuse to use cheap integrated materials, made of high-quality materials, durable, ensuring bright lighting for the coming years.

ꔷ Energy-saving: LED neon lights not only perfectly replicate the appearance and luminous effects of traditional glass neon lights—bright and eye-catching—but also offer enhanced safety, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness, with no harmful substances.  The silicone light tubing and 12V safe low voltage make them exceptionally safe for children and pets.

ꔷ Fully customizable: Choose from a variety of colors, fonts, and sizes to create the perfect neon sign that reflects your style or brand identity. From elegant script fonts to bold letters, the possibilities are endless.

ꔷ Easy to install: Each sign comes with a clear backing, pre-drilled holes, and installation hardware for easy setup. Plug it in and watch your space come alive!

ꔷ Safe to use: Our LED neon signs are zero heat, free of any harmful raw materials, 12V safe low voltage, making them safe for use indoors, outdoors, and around children and pets.

ꔷ Ideal for Various Applications: Perfect for business signage, home decor, wedding receptions, birthday parties, bar and restaurant ambiance, and much more. Whether you're looking to spell out your name, create a slogan, or design a logo in neon, we've got you covered.


Custom Neon Sign Personalization Features

Custom Battery-Powered Neon Signs

Designed for mobility and situations where access to power outlets is not possible, our custom neon signs can be powered by batteries, offering great flexibility and portability. Suitable for temporary events or exhibitions. Battery-powered and plug-in power options are interchangeable. Even if you opt for battery power, our custom neon signs come standard with a neon light adapter included.

Battery Specifications: Options include AA rechargeable batteries or any energy storage battery and outdoor power source that can output 12V. The duration of illumination depends on the battery capacity, with 8 AA batteries providing approximately 4-12 hours of light, while energy storage batteries and outdoor power sources can last for about several weeks.

Custom Cordless Neon Signs

Completely free from the constraints of wires, these neon signs can have their power plugs hardwired into the home circuit, controlled by a regular wall switch, or use a battery box containing 8 AA batteries mounted behind the neon sign's backplate, hiding wires and the battery box to maintain a tidy and aesthetically pleasing decor space. Especially suitable for spaces that require clean lines and a wireless visual effect.

Cordless / wireless neon signs are typically mounted on opaque backplates, such as gold or silver mirrors, colored acrylic plates, wood, and metal plates, to conceal wiring.

Custom RGB Color Changing Neon Signs

Users can use a remote control to set the neon sign to display a specific color they like or to automatically cycle through multiple colors. With RGB technology, users can customize the colors of their neon signs, even achieving color changes and gradient effects. Suitable for creating dynamic visual experiences.

Comes with a remote control, supporting hundreds of color choices and various color change modes, with adjustable brightness and speed of color change.

Custom Animated Neon Signs with Blinking Effects

Neon signs integrated with blinking and animation effects can attract more attention through preset animation modes. Particularly suitable for promotional activities and commercial environments aimed at attracting customers.

Offers a variety of animation and blinking modes, with users able to adjust mode and speed through a remote control.


What are the product structure and personalization options for LED neon signs?

1), Backplate for Mounting Neon Tubes

LED neon tubes are typically mounted on transparent plexiglass (clear acrylic) backplates. We can also customize colored acrylic backplates, as well as metal or wooden backplates, to match different decorative styles. We can print your logo or any high-definition image on the backplate, and we can even customize neon signs to be mounted on art pieces such as posters, photographs, and oil paintings.

2), Shape of the Backplate

Generally, our designers create the most aesthetically pleasing backplate shapes based on actual cases. However, we also customize various shapes according to customer needs, including iconic patterns, text, or abstract shapes, to perfectly fit the design theme. Additionally, we can customize neon signs without backplates upon customer request. Signs without backplates are mounted on the wall, displaying only the neon tubes without any excess backplate, offering a very simple and beautiful appearance, especially suitable for minimalist aesthetics..

3), Material of Neon Tubes

Modern neon signs use LED neon tubes, which replicate the shape and lighting effect of vintage glass neon signs perfectly, but without any harmful materials. These soft silicone LED tubes are very safe for children and pets and operate at a safe low voltage of 12V, making them suitable for use in any environment. We can also customize traditional glass neon signs for users who are seeking a nostalgic artistic look, as glass neon tubes are more suited for those who appreciate the artistry of yesteryears.

4), Color of Neon Tubes When Lit

Offers a wide range of color choices, including single color, mixed colors, or RGB color-changing options, to fit the brand image or decor theme.

5), Color of Neon Tubes When Off

Neon tubes when turned off come in two color options: they can either appear white or be colored to match the color when lit.

6), Extension Cord for Neon Signs

Custom Length: Offers different length options for the extension cord for flexible installation in various environments and locations.
Custom Color: Offers black or white extension cord color options for flexible integration into different decor environments.

7), Power Supply for Neon Signs

Provides a power supply compatible with the customer's local voltage and plug standards, and also offers battery operated neon signs. Small tabletop neon signs can also be customized with a Type-C USB power supply.

8), Installation Accessories for Neon Signs

Installation is very simple, requiring no professional knowledge. We provide complete installation accessories, including fixing screws, hooks, and installation guides, to ensure a quick and easy installation process, catering to different installation needs, such as wall mounting, hanging in front of windows or under ceilings, mounted on a background wall of hay and artificial flowers, and placement on tables.

9), Neon Sign Dimmers

Adjustable lighting neon signs typically incorporate two types of accessories to adjust brightness, catering to the desired ambiance or mood.

In-line Dimmer: This dimmer is compact and sleek, connecting directly to the power cord, allowing you to adjust the brightness of the neon sign to any level you prefer. The advantage of this type of neon light dimmer is that there's no worry about losing a remote control.

Remote Controller: The remote control for neon signs can also adjust the brightness of the neon sign but comes with additional costs and is not as convenient as the in-line dimmer, as the remote's batteries will need to be replaced once depleted.

10), Outdoor Waterproof Function for Neon Signs

For outdoor neon signs, additional waterproof treatment and sealing technology are provided to ensure long-term durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions.


Custom Neon Signs for For Different Events & Occasions

Wedding Neon Signs
Create a magical atmosphere on your special day with our customizable Wedding Neon Signs. Perfect for adding a touch of romance and glamour, these signs can be personalized with your last name, wedding date, or a meaningful quote. Illuminate your love story in lights and make your wedding venue unforgettable.

Home Decor Neon Signs
Elevate your living space with our bespoke Home Decor Neon Signs. Whether it's a motivational quote for your home office or a chic design for your living room, our custom neon signs add a modern and vibrant touch to any room. Let your personality shine through your decor.

Business Branding Neon Signs
Boost your brand visibility with our custom Business Branding Neon Signs. Ideal for storefronts, reception areas, or trade shows, these signs are tailored to incorporate your logo, brand colors, and business name. Make a lasting impression on clients and stand out from the competition.

Event Neon Signs
Add a pop of color and excitement to your next event with our custom Event Neon Signs. From birthdays and graduations to corporate events, our neon signs can be personalized to fit the theme and mood of your occasion. Ensure your event is the talk of the town with these eye-catching decorations.

Holiday Neon Signs
Celebrate the seasons with our Seasonal Neon Signs. Light up your home or business with festive designs for Christmas, Halloween, or any special holiday. These vibrant signs not only enhance your decor but also create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and customers alike.

Personalized Gift Neon Signs
Looking for a unique gift that truly stands out? Our Personalized Gift Neon Signs are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Customize with a name, special date, or heartfelt message to create a memorable gift that will light up their world.


Product Specification

Specification Description
Material High-quality PVC tubing with LED lighting
Dimensions Customizable (Width x Height in inches/cm)
Color Options Over 20 colors available, including single color and RGB color changing options
Power Supply Standard 12V power supply with a 6-foot power cord; option for battery-operated signs available
Backing Material Clear acrylic (standard), colored acrylic, or no backing, other materials available for customization upon request
Backing Shape Cut to letter shape (standard), rectangle, or available without backing
Installation Method Wall mountable with pre-drilled holes; hanging option available
Brightness Adjustable with dimmer (optional)
Remote Control Available for RGB and dimmable models
Lifespan Up to 50,000 hours
Weather Resistance Optional outdoor protection available
Certification CE, RoHS, UL certified components
Customization Text, font, size, color, and backing can be fully customized
Production Time Typically 2-3 weeks, rush orders available
Warranty Standard 1-year warranty on all signs
Safety Low voltage operation (12V) for enhanced safety; no heat emission
Energy Efficiency LED technology for reduced energy consumption

Custom Neon Signs FAQ

What materials are used in custom neon signs?

Modern neon signs are made from LED neon lights, a more environmentally friendly material. While perfectly replicating the appearance and lighting effects of traditional glass neon lights, they are safer, contain no harmful substances, and operate at a safe low voltage of 12V, making them very safe for children and pets. We can also customize vintage glass neon signs according to customer requirements.

What is the Difference Between LED Neon Signs and Traditional Glass Neon Signs?

LED neon signs have the same visual impact as traditional glass neon signs. Glass neon signs have a nostalgic feel, but their glass material is prone to breakage and has a shorter lifespan. LED neon signs use high-transparency silicone tubes to emit the same neon light, but with a longer lifespan. LED neon signs are safe for children and pets, as they use a safe low voltage of 12V, unlike high voltage glass neon signs. The appearance of LED neon signs is sleek, with the tubes mounted on a transparent backplate, which also hides the transparent small connecting wires. Compared to glass neon signs, LED neon signs are simple and clean in appearance, with a minimalist aesthetic.

Can I specify a specific font or upload my own custom font?

If you would like to use a specific font, you can mention it in the order notes or provide the font name or URL when placing your order. You can also upload images of your handwriting through the customization page.

What are the lead time and turnaround time for your products, and do you offer expedited services?

Our standard production time is 3-5 business days (not shipping time). For shipping, we offer several options:

Standard shipping: 7-9 business days (excluding production time).
Free economy shipping: 11-18 business days (excluding production time).
Express shipping: 3-7 business days (excluding production time).