Custom Neon Signs

Whether you are looking for personalized custom neon letters, light-up neon name signs, or transforming your logo into an eye-catching neon sign, or customizing quirky and creative signs for various parties and events, we can meet your needs. We offer a wide range of different types of custom neon signs to suit different needs and wishes.

What type of custom neon signs are you looking for?

Whether you're looking for personalized custom neon signs or a variety of creative signs, let your imagination run wild, and we can bring it to life.

Custom LED Neon Letters Light Up Name Signs

Custom LED Neon Signs

Custom LED neon lights can be bent into various neon letters, light-up name signs, and neon logo signs. They not only have the appearance and lighting effect of classic glass neon signs, but unlike the fragile traditional glass tubes, the silicone tubes of LED neon signs won’t break, with a safe low voltage of 12V (equivalent to 8 AA batteries), there is no risk to children and pets. These personalized neon signs are perfect for various commercial settings, including shop neon signs, wedding neon lights, party and event neon signs, and bar neon signs.

We not only specialize in Custom LED Neon Signs but also provide Custom Traditional Glass Neon Signs to meet your different needs.

You can Design Your Own Neon Sign Online here. If you want to customize a logo neon sign, you can also Get a Quick Quote and Request Free Mockup Design and 3D Rendering.

Image Display of Examples of Custom Neon Logo Signs

Custom Logo Signs

The types of custom logo signs not only include neon signs but also LED signs, channel signs, marquee signs, and various other types of signage. These are suitable for lobby signs, store signs, and outdoor signs.

Our experienced design team creates the most attractive and eye-catching logo signs for you. With limitless imagination, we can customize any unique and creative signage, making your logo a popular check-in spot and turning your brand into a local landmark.

Free Design Mock-ups and 3D Renderings

Take advantage of our free mock-up and 3D rendering design services, where we can make adjustments based on your feedback until you are satisfied. Preview what your sign will look like in reality in advance, ensuring that both you and your clients will love the final product. Most importantly, we offer a factory price match guarantee, ensuring you get the most transparent costs and prices while maintaining high quality. Simply click the estimate button and fill out the form. We will provide a quote within 1-4 hours and send a mockup within 24 hours.