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Custom Text Neon Signs

We customize neon signs for writing, letters, or names in various styles including script, retro, or cursive fonts. We can customize any font you desire, and you're welcome to submit your own. Opt for a single color, go multicolor, or choose a color-changing option to make your neon sign truly stand out.

Custom Text Neon Sign

Custom Logo Neon Signs

We provide custom logo neon signs tailored for businesses, capturing every detail of your logo with precision. The neon tubes are mounted to a backboard featuring your logo, creating a unique design that can turn your brand into a local landmark and a popular spot for social media check-ins. We offer transparent pricing and lifetime customer support.

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Clear Price List for Custom Neon Lighting

Our pricing for custom neon signs is transparent and straightforward—based solely on size. Simple and straightforward, no hidden fees or steps. Whether you're looking for a small sign to brighten up a room or a large logo sign to capture attention in a business setting, you'll find the cost details laid out clearly in our price list below. Each size option is priced to provide you with the best value without compromising on quality.

Want to see what your neon sign will look like before placing an order?

If you're interested in our custom neon lighting but would like to see a mockup and confirm pricing, we're happy to provide those details for you. Please click the button below to fill out a request form, and our team will provide you with a detailed model sketch and an accurate quote within 12-24 hours.

Make Your Space Stand Out with Custom Neon Signs: Personalized, Battery-Powered, and Wireless

Custom Writing / Letter / Name Neon Signs
Light up your space with the vibrant allure of our custom neon signs. Ideal for various settings—be it your bedroom, a man cave, or your business—our selection is versatile. From personalized letter lights to neon bar signs, we cater to both intimate occasions and larger settings, such as weddings and garages.

Custom LED Light Up Signs for Business
Boost your brand's profile with our energy-efficient, custom LED neon signs that are perfect for a variety of businesses. These durable LED signs are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you run a café, a bar, or a retail store, our diverse collection ensures that your business grabs attention.

Custom Battery Operated Neon Signs
Looking for a flexible lighting solution? Explore our custom battery-operated neon signs. Eliminate cord clutter with our wireless options. Ideal for mobile setups or temporary events like weddings and parties, these battery powered signs provide the freedom to illuminate any space, from bedrooms to event venues, without the clutter of cords.  If you still prefer a more traditional approach, cord neon signs are also available, giving you the best of both worlds.

Custom Suspended Neon Chandelier Light
Elevate your interior spaces with AOOS®'s custom Suspended Round Neon Crown Chandelier, an artful fusion of vintage charisma and contemporary aesthetics. Inspired by the enchanting glow of old-school neon letter signs, this exceptional hanging light fixture becomes the instant focal point of any room. Featuring radiant, illuminated neon letters, our chandelier shines brightly both day and night. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings in need of a unique lighting solution, we offer free design mock-ups and quotes to ensure the final product is perfectly tailored to your vision. Built with high-quality materials and designed to last, this is more than a light fixture—it's a lasting investment in style and atmosphere.