Custom Traditional Glass Neon Signs

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Real Glass Neon Signs

Custom real neon signs are old-style neon lights made from glass tubes that can be personalized with neon lettering, neon wall art, and commercial signs. We can customize real neon signs in any size and color.

The default design for glass neon signs is mounted on a black metal frame, offering a retro design similar to those seen in bar neon signs. However, we can also create any unique design, including signs mounted on transparent or metal backplates, or even 3D sculptural neon art signs.

We also customize modern LED neon signs to meet the needs of commercial signage and various event signages.

Features of Real Glass Neon Signs

Real glass neon signs are crafted by heating and bending glass tubes into shapes or letters and filling them with neon or argon gas. When the transformer powering the neon sign is switched on, the gas inside the tubes lights up, producing a bright, colorful glow. The art of making these signs involves heating the glass tubes and bending them by hand, a skill that requires precision and experience. Real glass neon signs offer a classic, retro aesthetic often associated with the mid-20th century but remain a popular choice among artists and decorators looking for unique and artistic lighting solutions.

Genuine Handcrafted Artistry

Handcrafted glass neon signs are a pure form of craftsmanship, requiring at least 2-3 years of training to achieve a high level of quality and workmanship.

Visual Impact

With their vivid colors and bright illumination, these neon signs stand out at all times, enhancing the artistic ambiance of any space.


High-quality glass neon signs can last for many years, maintaining their vibrant glow.

Applications of Glass Neon Signs

Retro Decor Aesthetics

Vintage glass neon signs have a warm, heartening power that adds a unique nostalgic touch to any setting, perfectly suiting the decorative needs of those who cherish the past.

Art Collectibles

The greatest application of vintage glass neon signs lies in their visual artistic expression, naturally drawing attention with their unique and stunning visual aesthetics. For enthusiasts and collectors, genuine glass neon signs are becoming increasingly rare and valuable.

The Artistic Value of Real Glass Neon Signs

Neon art transcends mere signage, evolving into a captivating medium that merges color, light, and sculptural form to create impactful visual narratives. Esteemed artists like Bruce Nauman, Tracey Emin, and Dan Flavin have pioneered the integration of neon into contemporary art, demonstrating its potential to convey profound messages and emotions. Their works range from bold, minimalist installations to intricate, text-based compositions that reflect personal stories and societal observations.

Bruce Nauman’s exploration of neon bends language and form into expressive loops of light, challenging perceptions of space and the power of words. His piece "The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths" is a spiraling neon window into the artist's meditation on the role of the artist in society.

Tracey Emin's neon works are deeply personal, often featuring her own handwriting to express intimate thoughts and feelings. Her iconic "I Promise To Love You" series illuminates heartfelt vows and desires in glowing script, inviting viewers into her emotional landscape.

Dan Flavin’s minimalist approach strips neon down to its elemental form, using commercially available neon tubing to create spatial installations that transform environments with immersive color and light. His work exemplifies how minimalistic design can evoke a rich sensory experience.

Incorporating neon art into your space does not just add a splash of color; it connects you to a rich artistic tradition that celebrates the interplay of light, color, and text.

Celebrate creativity and illuminate your environment with a custom neon sign, a piece not just of decoration, but a continuation of the vibrant history and artistry of neon.

Custom Glass Neon Signs FAQ

How long do glass neon signs last?

With proper care, glass neon signs can last for decades, though the gas may eventually need to be refilled to maintain brightness.

What makes glass neon signs more expensive than LED neon signs?

The higher cost of glass neon signs is due to the labor-intensive process of hand-bending the glass tubes, the craftsmanship involved, and the materials used. Each sign is a unique piece of art, requiring specialized skills and safety measures during manufacturing.

Can glass neon signs be repaired if they break?

Yes, broken glass neon signs can often be repaired by a skilled neon artisan, though the cost and feasibility depend on the extent of the damage.

Is it safe to use glass neon signs indoors?

Yes, when installed properly, glass neon signs are safe for indoor use. However, due to their fragility and the high voltage required to operate them, they should be placed out of reach of children and pets.