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Custom LED Neon Signs

Custom LED Neon Signs

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Table of Content

    1. Product Overview of LED Neon Signs

    LED neon signs are modern alternatives to traditional glass neon signs, providing the look and luminous effect of classic glass neon signs but with lower energy consumption, longer lifespan, and higher safety. They are suitable for various scenarios such as store signs, wedding setups, exhibition displays, and interior decorations.

    We not only specialize in Custom LED Neon Signs but also provide Custom Traditional Glass Neon Signs, backed by over 25 years of manufacturing experience.


    2. Features of LED Neon Signs

    Visual Effects of LED Neon Sign When Lit

    When lit, LED neon signs provide bright and vivid lighting that is brilliant but not harsh.  They not only replicate the effect of traditional glass neon signs but also offer a wider variety of colors. They create a unique ambiance, making the environment more lively and interesting. LED neon signs can be created in various colors, sizes, shapes, and animations, especially for large neon sign backdrops.  This allows for more complex designs and customization options, such as dimming, flashing, and dynamic lighting effects. LED neon signs are typically lightweight and easy to install without any professional knowledge, making them simple for anyone to set up.

    Showcase the brightness and color effects of the LED neon signs when lit.

    Appearance of LED Neon Sign When Turned Off

    The color of LED neon lights when illuminated is primarily determined by the color of the LED light source inside the neon tube. Therefore, the luminous color of LED neon signs can have many options. However, the appearance color of the neon sign tubes usually falls into two main types:

    (1) White Tubes: Brighter and Clearer Glow

    When turned off, the color of LED neon sign tubes is usually white. Installed on a clear acrylic backboard with no messy connecting wires between the tubes, the advantage of these white tubes lies not only in their minimalist style and seamless integration into any decor but also in their significantly brighter, more transparent, and vivid illumination.

    The appearance of the LED neon sign when turned off features white tubes

    (2) Colored Tubes: Softer Glow

    The color of the LED neon tubes when turned off can also be colored.  These colored tubes will match the glow color of the neon tubes.  The advantage of colored tubes is that they can display the tube curves of the neon text or patterns even when turned off.  However, the light emitted by colored tubes is usually softer.

    The appearance of the LED neon sign when turned off features colored tubes


    Materials and Construction of LED Neon Signs

    • The standard design of LED neon signs features tubes (white when turned off) mounted on a transparent acrylic backboard. 
    • The acrylic backboard is cut into the shape of letters or logos.
    • LED neon tubes are made of soft silicone strips instead of glass, making them shatterproof and safe for children and pets. 
    • LED neon tubes operate at a safe low voltage of 12V, equivalent to 8 AA batteries, ensuring no harm to the human body. 
    • The heat generated by LED neon tubes is very low, so they do not become hot even after prolonged use, making them safer to touch.
    • Compared to traditional gas discharge neon tubes, LED neon tubes are safer and more environmentally friendly. They do not contain harmful substances like mercury and comply with modern environmental standards.

    Image Display of Close Up View of LED Neon Light Tube Details

    close up view of the LED neon light tube details


    Video Showcase: Demonstration of LED Neon Tubes

    Interested in the appearance of LED neon tubes? Watch our video to observe their performance when illuminated and turned off. Click the video for a clear demonstration of LED neon lighting.

    Watch the Video: What do the tubes of an LED neon sign look like?


    3. Font Options for Custom LED Neon Signs

    We offer a variety of font options, including standard and custom fonts, to meet the needs of different customers.

    (1) Standard Fonts

    We can create custom neon signs using any font you desire. You can browse font websites to find a font you like, then provide us with the font name or a link to the font webpage. We will customize your LED neon sign according to the specified font.

    (2) Neon Sign Font Samples

    Browse our Custom Neon Sign Font Samples PDF to view popular font styles for custom neon signs. This document showcases a variety of popular font options, providing a visual guide to help you choose the perfect font for your design.

    Download Font Samples for Custom Neon Signs PDF

    (3) Custom Fonts

    We can create neon signs in any font you desire. Whether it's a specific font name and source link, an image of a font style you like, your own handwriting, or a combination of multiple fonts in a single design to create a unique and dynamic visual effect. Upload Your Font Here, and our experienced design team will provide you with a professional and distinctive mockup within 24 hours.  

    Upon receiving your Request for a Quote, we will provide a free digital mock-up within 24 hours for you to review and approve, continuing until you are satisfied.


    4. Custom Neon Letters and Logo Signs

    Order Custom Neon Letter and Logo Signs Directly from the Factory, our design team not only provides CAD floor plans but also creates 3D Neon Sign Mockups and 360-degree rotating animation models. This allows you to see all angles and details of the product in a three-dimensional view, ensuring the final product meets your expectations.

    Customization Process

    From getting a quote to receiving your perfect neon sign, it only takes three simple steps.

    1. Simply click the "Get Free Quote & Mockup" button and fill out the form.
    2. We will provide a quote within 4 hours and offer a free design along with a mock-up within 24 hours for your selection and approval.
    3. Most orders can be received within 9-10 business days.
    Hawker Roll Neon Sign
    las vegas vickie cowgirl neon signs


    Video Showcase: Gallery of Custom LED Neon Signs

    Watch the video below to explore our collection of custom LED neon sign sample designs. These examples showcase the creativity and versatility of our work, providing you with inspiration for your own unique creations. Whether you're looking for ideas for a business, home decor, or special events, our video will help spark your imagination.



    5. Custom LED Neon Sign Color Options

    We offer a variety of custom neon sign color options, including but not limited to:

    (1) Common Colors for LED Neon Signs

    White, Black, Warm White, Cyan, Ice Blue, Blue, Deep Blue, Lemon Yellow, Gold Yellow, Orange, Tomato, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Light Purple, Red, Dark Green, Green.

    (2) Glow Color Effect Chart for Neon Tubes

    Color chart showcasing 18 different neon light colors from AOOS Custom, displayed vertically on a black background.

    (3) Neon Light Color Chart with Hex Codes PDF

    For a more accurate understanding of common neon sign colors, download our Neon Light Color Chart with Hex Codes PDF. This comprehensive chart provides detailed hex codes for a wide range of neon colors, helping you choose the perfect hue for your custom neon sign.

    Download Neon Light Color Chart with Hex Codes PDF

    (4) Custom Neon Sign Colors

    We can mix special colors according to your requirements or customize the neon tube color based on your color codes or samples to match the specific color of your logo.  Our professional team uses advanced technology to ensure the colors of your custom neon lights are precise.  Whatever color you need, we provide high-quality solutions to make your brand stand out visually. Simply Send Us Your Requirements, and we will create it for you with care.

    (5) Video Showcase: Real-Life Lighting Effects of Various Neon Sign Colors

    This video showcases the real-life lighting effects of various neon sign colors. By watching this video, you can visually understand the color performance and lighting effects of our custom neon signs, helping you choose the best color scheme for your needs. Whether for brand promotion, store decoration, or event setup, our neon signs provide an exceptional visual experience. Due to the varying display characteristics of different electronic devices, there may be color discrepancies, so the actual lighting color temperature may vary. Consequently, the lighting effects viewed on different devices might differ.

    Watch the Video: Real-Life Lighting Effects of Various Neon Sign Colors


    6. Recommended Sizes for Custom LED Neon Signs

    (1) Visibility and Readability Guidelines for Custom LED Neon Signs

    This PDF document provides detailed information on the minimum readable distance for various widths of LED neon signs, helping you choose the appropriate size for optimal visibility. The first page includes measurements in Imperial units (inches), while the second page provides the same information in Metric units (centimeters).

    Download  LED Neon Sign Width Minimum Readable Distance.PDF

    (2) LED Neon Signs Visibility Chart

    This PDF document includes a comprehensive chart showcasing the visibility range of LED neon signs based on different lighting conditions, ensuring your sign can be seen clearly from various distances. The first page includes measurements in Imperial units (inches), while the second page provides the same information in Metric units (centimeters).

    Download LED Neon Signs Visibility Charts.PDF

    Please note that these charts are for reference only. The optimal size should be determined based on the text and design of the LED neon signs, as well as the space and distance for installation


    7. LED Neon Sign Backboard Shapes

    The shape of the backboard can be fully customized to meet your specific needs and design preferences. Our options include:

    (1) Cut to Outline

    This backboard shape completely matches the overall outline of the sign, making it ideal for handwritten fonts and intricate designs. It is cut to match the overall shape of the sign.

    (2) Cut to Shape

    This backboard shape is designed around the shape of the font, removing all unnecessary backboard areas, making the backboard outline match the neon light tubes and aligning perfectly with the shape of the font.

    (3) Cut to Rectangle

    This backboard is cut into a rectangular or other geometric shape, suitable for dense fonts or standard fonts with even top and bottom lines, such as block fonts.

    (4) No Backboard

    For those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic, the no backboard option completely eliminates the backboard, allowing it to seamlessly blend into any decor style. The transparent base is cut to the same thickness as the neon tubes, making the backboard invisible from the outside. It is easy to install with tiny decorative nails, offering a sleek and elegant appearance.

    (5) Letters Printed Backboard

    This option features a printed backboard that displays text even when the neon lights are off. It is ideal for commercial signs that need to display text at all times, ensuring your message is always conveyed. The letters are printed on the backboard, making the text visible even when the neon light is off.

    (6) Logo Printed Backboard

    This backboard option has your logo printed on it, allowing the logo's full details to be displayed even when the neon light is off. It is a perfect way to maintain brand visibility and impact.

    AOOS Custom Neon Signs can be customized in any style to perfectly match your design vision and functional requirements.


    Neon Sign Backboard Shapes PDF

    Explore our comprehensive guide to neon sign backboard shapes by downloading our PDF. This document provides detailed information on various backboard shapes available, helping you choose the perfect design to complement your neon sign. Whether you need a shape that follows the exact outline of your sign or a geometric shape that enhances standard fonts, our PDF will serve as a valuable resource in your selection process.

    Download Neon Sign Backboard Shapes PDF


    Video Showcase: Neon Sign Backboard Shapes

    Our videos offer a detailed look at the diverse range of neon sign backboards available. By watching these videos, you can see the real-life applications and visual effects of different backboard shapes. This visual guide is designed to help you make informed decisions about the best backboard shape for your neon sign, ensuring it achieves the desired aesthetic and functional outcome.

    Watch the Video: Showcasing Neon Sign Backboards


    hotel california neon sign


    8. Colors and Materials for LED Neon Sign Backboards

    The colors and materials for custom LED neon sign backboards entirely depend on how rich your imagination is. Depending on the usage scenario and requirements, we can customize neon signs in any style. Below are some commonly used backboards:

    (1) Transparent Acrylic Backboard

    LED neon signs mounted on a transparent acrylic backboard are almost invisible, showcasing only the clean and sleek neon tubes. This can seamlessly integrate into any type of decor style.

    (2) Matte Black Acrylic Backboard

    A matte surface acrylic backboard eliminates any reflections, giving the neon sign a clean and elegant appearance. With no visible connecting wires between the tubes, it offers a minimalist artistic impact.

    (3) Printed Text or Logo Backboard

    A backboard printed with custom text or a logo perfectly displays the details of your logo when the neon sign is lit. Even when the neon sign is off, it remains a beautiful decorative piece, showcasing and conveying your brand's message.

    (4) No Backboard Design

    A no backboard design for LED neon signs is the epitome of minimalism. Only the neon tubes are visible on the wall, with no visible backboard, allowing it to perfectly blend into any decor style.

    (5) Other Custom Backboards

    We can customize backboards in any color and material, including but not limited to:

    • Gold Mirror Acrylic Backboards
    • Silver Mirror Acrylic Backboards
    • Various Colored Mirror Acrylic Backboards
    • Colored Acrylic Backboards
    • Semi-Transparent Colored Acrylic Backboards
    • Gradient Printed Acrylic Backboards
    • Gold Brushed Aluminum Backboards
    • Silver Brushed Aluminum Backboards
    • Wooden Backboards
    • Canvas Backboards
    • Picture Frame Mirror Backboards
    • Metal Frames
    • Copper Backboards
    • Iron Backboards
    • Rusty Iron Backboards
    • Metal Mesh Decorative Backboards
    • Industrial Style Metal Mesh

    Let your imagination run wild. We specialize in customizing any unique neon sign.


    Video Showcase: Examples of Custom LED Neon Sign Backboards

    This video presents a variety of custom LED neon sign backboards. You will see examples of gold and silver mirror acrylics, rustic iron, industrial-style metal mesh, and more. Each backboard is designed to enhance the look and functionality of your neon signs, fitting seamlessly into any decor style. Explore the diverse options to find the perfect backboard for your custom neon sign.

    Watch the Video: Examples of Custom LED Neon Sign Backboards


    9. Types of Installation for LED Neon Signs

    We offer various installation methods to meet diverse installation needs, ensuring easy setup without requiring any professional knowledge. Anyone can complete the installation effortlessly:

    (1) Wall-mounted LED Neon Signs

    1. You can use 2mm decorative nails to hang the neon sign on the wall. Simply use a hammer to drive the nails into the wall. Whether your wall is wooden or concrete, no drill tools are needed, making it easy for anyone to install.
    2. If you prefer not to use nails, you can use transparent command strips or adhesive wall hooks to stick the LED neon sign to the wall. These hooks can hold up to 20 pounds and are waterproof and moisture-resistant. Most LED neon signs weigh less than 2 pounds.
    3. Alternatively, you can hang the neon sign with any rope or metal chain in your desired location.

    All these installation accessories are provided for free.

    (2) Suspended LED Neon Signs for Storefronts or Ceilings

    1. You can easily suspend the LED neon sign in front of store windows or from ceilings using two stainless steel ropes. Secure the ropes with decorative nails to the wall above the window or ceiling. No drill tools are needed, making it easy for anyone to install, perfect for store signage or hanging decorations.
    2. If you prefer not to use nails, you can use transparent adhesive wall hooks to stick the ropes to the wall and then hang the LED neon sign. These hooks can hold up to 20 pounds and are waterproof and moisture-resistant. Most LED neon signs weigh less than 2 pounds.
    3. If there are no areas suitable for nails or hooks, you can directly stick the transparent hooks to the glass. 

    (3) Suspended LED Neon Signs on Ceiling Metal Frames

    This method is very simple. Just loop the stainless steel rope around a metal pipe of the frame and attach the neon sign. The length of the rope can be adjusted to your desired height, suitable for industrial-style or event decorations.

    (4) Outdoor LED Neon Signs Hung on Trees

    This method is also very simple. Use a rope to hang the neon sign from any suitable spot on a tree. You can also hang the neon sign between two trees to create a central backdrop for outdoor parties and events, enhancing the atmosphere.

    (5) LED Neon Signs Mounted on Dried Flower or Artificial Grass Background Walls

    This method is straightforward. Use plastic zip ties to attach the neon sign to the metal mesh behind the dried flowers or artificial grass, hiding all the accessories for a stunning visual display.

    (6) LED Neon Signs on Vinyl Canvas or Fabric Backgrounds at Trade Shows or Events

    For this method, drill 3mm holes in the vinyl canvas or fabric (holes can be hidden) to mount the LED neon sign. It’s perfect for creating eye-catching displays at exhibitions and pop-up events. Alternatively, you can hang the neon sign if you prefer not to drill holes.

    (7) Tabletop LED Neon Signs

    Using a transparent base or metal stand, or installing the neon tubes inside a transparent glass box, and allowing for easy switching between plug-in and battery power, you can place the LED neon sign on any flat surface.

    (8) Freestanding LED Neon Signs on the Floor or Grass

    Using a base or foldable stand, you can place the neon sign freely on the ground. If there are no power outlets available, you can use 8 AA batteries to power the neon sign temporarily, making it easy to move and set up, suitable for LED neon signs that need to stand out without wall support, with a sturdy base to ensure stability.

    (9) Roof-mounted LED Neon Signs for Vehicles

    AOOS custom neon signs can be easily mounted on food trucks and moving vehicles. They can be powered by any vehicle power supply, outdoor power storage, or even 8 AA batteries, including rechargeable AA batteries, making them perfect for food trucks, ice cream trucks, mobile advertising, or promotional events.

    (10) LED Neon Signs Mounted on Photo Frames or Canvas Artworks

    AOOS custom LED neon signs can be mounted on canvas, posters, or photo frames. The neon tubes add a three-dimensional artistic effect to the artwork, creating a visually compelling display.

    (11) Handheld LED Neon Name Signs for Music Events and Parties

    AOOS custom portable LED neon signs can be powered by 8 AA batteries, including rechargeable AA batteries, allowing you to carry the sign to enhance the atmosphere at events. You can also switch to power supply mode as needed, suitable for any venue or event.

    (12) LED Neon Signs Mounted on Art Sculptures

    AOOS specializes in custom neon signs for any unique design. We can design and create neon signs for any art sculpture, adding unique and stunning visual appeal to your artwork.

    LED Neon Sign Installation Guide PDF

    Our comprehensive installation guide provides detailed instructions for all the methods mentioned above, ensuring you have all the information you need for a successful installation. Download the guide now to get started.

    Download LED Neon Sign Installation Guide PDF


    Video: Guide to Installing LED Neon Signs

    This video provides a detailed, step-by-step guide for installing LED neon signs. Follow our clear instructions to securely mount and display your custom neon sign, suitable for any venue or event.

    Watch the Video: How to Install a Neon Sign?


    10. Types of Dimmers and Remote Controls for LED Neon Signs

    We offer a variety of remote control options for LED neon signs, allowing users to easily control and adjust the lights according to their needs.

    (1) In-line Dimmer with Switch

    The in-line dimmer with a switch offers a convenient way for users to manually adjust the brightness of their neon signs.The in-line dimmer can adjust the brightness of the neon sign through a button, providing stepless adjustment from 0% to 100%, meeting the lighting needs of different occasions.  The dimmer is directly connected to the extension cord of the neon sign, requiring no additional installation.

    (2) Dimming Remote Control

    Simple and easy to use, it can remotely control the neon sign’s power, adjust brightness, and switch between different flashing modes. Suitable for the power and dimming needs of LED signs.

    (3) Color-Changing Remote Control

    In addition to remotely controlling the neon sign’s power, adjusting brightness, and switching between different flashing modes, it can also change the neon sign to any color you like. This is only applicable to single-color neon signs with color-changing functions.


    Document: User Manual for LED Sign Remote Controls

    This document provides a comprehensive guide on how to use the remote controls for LED signs. It covers the functions, settings, and operation methods to help you effectively manage your LED neon sign's lighting features. Follow these instructions to ensure proper use and maintenance of your remote controls.

    Download User Manual for LED Sign Remote Controls PDF


    Video (1): LED Neon Sign Dimmer and  and Remote Controls Types

    This video presents the various types of dimmers available for LED neon signs. We will cover the functionalities, features, and applications of each dimmer type, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how to control the brightness and power of your neon signs effectively.

    Watch the Video: Types of Dimmers for LED Neon Signs

    Video (2): Operating Instructions for the LED Neon Light Color Changing Remote

    In this video, we explain the operation methods for color-changing remote controls for LED neon signs. Learn how to adjust brightness, switch between different colors, and set dynamic color cycles. We will provide detailed instructions to help you make the most out of your color-changing neon sign.

    Watch the Video: Operating Instructions for the LED Neon Light Color Changing Remote


    11. Neon Sign Power Supplies and Battery Boxes

    We offer various power supply options for our neon signs, including traditional power adapters and portable battery boxes.

    (1) Specifications of the LED Neon Light Power Adapter

    • Input Voltage: 100-240V AC
    • Output Voltage: 12V DC
    • Output Current: 2A
    • Power Output: 24W (Different sign sizes have varying power outputs)
    • Cable Length: 10 ft
    • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to 50°C
    • Certifications: UL, FCC, CE, RoHS
    • Protection Features: Over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection

    (2) Product Manual for LED Neon Sign Power Adapters

    This product manual provides essential technical specifications and installation guidelines for LED neon sign power adapters. It is designed to help you understand the necessary parameters and requirements for proper installation and optimal performance of your LED neon signs.

    Download Product Manual for LED Neon Sign Power Adapters

    (3) LED Neon Sign Battery Box

    Suitable for temporary displays or places without power access. The portable design makes it easy to carry and replace batteries. Uses 8 AA batteries, including rechargeable AA batteries, with usage time depending on battery capacity and neon sign power requirements. LED neon signs can also be connected to any outdoor power source with a 12V output to ensure longer use time.

    (4) Video: Battery Packs for Neon Signs

    This video provides a detailed look at the battery packs used for neon signs. It covers their design, functionality, and key features, offering a clear understanding of how these battery packs support neon sign operation.

    Watch the Video: What Do the Battery Packs for Neon Signs Look Like?


    12. LED Neon Sign Extension Cords

    This video showcases the colors of neon sign extension cords, providing a clear view of their appearance. These extension cords can be customized in various colors to match the decor style of your installation environment.

    Watch the Video: What are Neon Sign Extension Cords Like?


    13. Timer for LED Neon Signs

    The timer function provides users with the convenience of controlling the switch time of neon signs as needed.

    (1) Features

    The timer can preset the switch time of the neon sign, supporting daily cycles or single timing, maximizing energy savings.

    (2) Installation Method

    The timer plugs into the power cord, with simple settings for switch times, requiring no additional wiring or installation tools.

    (3) Applicable Scenarios

    Suitable for store window displays, nighttime decorations, and event setups where timed switching is needed.


    14. Outdoor Waterproof LED Neon Signs

    To meet the needs of outdoor use, we offer customizable neon signs with outdoor waterproof features. These signs not only have vibrant colors and high brightness but also can operate reliably in various weather conditions.

    (1) Waterproof Rating

    Our outdoor neon signs and electrical equipment have reached IP65 or higher waterproof ratings. This means they can effectively prevent the intrusion of rain and dust, ensuring normal use in rainy or dusty environments. Whether in humid rainy seasons or dry and dusty weather, our neon signs can maintain their excellent performance and long-lasting durability.

    (2) Product Appearance

    Despite having waterproof features, the appearance of these neon signs is the same as standard neon signs. However, their internal structure is specially designed, with the neon tubes using high-efficiency waterproof sealing materials. These materials not only block moisture intrusion but also resist the effects of high humidity and temperature changes on the tubes, ensuring the stability and safety of the lighting.

    Watch the Video: Can Neon Signs Be Waterproof and Used Outdoors?


    15. Knowledge Base and Video Tutorials for LED Neon Signs

    The LED Neon Sign Knowledge Base is a specialized resource providing detailed information, video tutorials, and practical demonstrations. This platform aims to equip users with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand, install, and maintain LED neon signs. Covering a wide range of topics, users can gain comprehensive insights into various types of LED neon signage.

    Explore the LED Neon Signs Knowledge Base


    16. Technical Specifications and Detailed Parameters for LED Neon Signs

    This comprehensive PDF document provides detailed technical specifications for LED neon signs. It includes essential information on various aspects of LED neon signs, ensuring you have all the necessary details for customizing your LED neon signs. Downloading this document will help you better understand the technical parameters of our products, ensuring proper installation and use. Whether you are an installer, designer, or end user, this document will serve as a reliable reference.

    Download LED Neon Sign Technical Specifications and Detailed Parameters Table PDF


    17. Types of Neon Signs Based on Style, Materials, and Applications

    Creative Neon Signs

    Creative neon signs are custom-designed to reflect unique themes, artistic expressions, and imaginative concepts. These signs are ideal for adding a personalized touch to any space, making them perfect for homes, studios, and boutique stores. Crafted with vibrant colors and innovative designs, creative neon signs captivate attention and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any environment.

    Event Neon Signs

    Event neon signs are tailored for special occasions such as weddings, parties, and corporate events. These signs can be customized to display names, dates, or thematic elements that align with the event's style. They are designed to be eye-catching and memorable, creating a festive atmosphere and providing a perfect backdrop for photos.

    Business Signs

    Business neon signs are essential for enhancing brand visibility and attracting customers. These signs can be customized with company logos, slogans, or specific messages to convey a professional image. Made from durable materials, business neon signs are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring long-lasting performance and significant impact.

    LED Neon Signs

    LED neon signs utilize energy-efficient LED technology to mimic the appearance of traditional neon. These signs offer several advantages, including lower energy consumption, longer lifespan, and greater safety. LED neon signs are versatile and can be used in various settings, from commercial spaces to home decor, providing a modern and eco-friendly alternative to classic neon.

    Traditional Glass Neon Signs

    Traditional glass neon signs are handcrafted using glass tubes filled with neon or other gases that emit light when electrified. Known for their bright, colorful glow, these signs are a timeless choice for businesses, bars, and restaurants. Traditional glass neon signs exude a nostalgic charm and are highly customizable to fit any design requirement.

    Vintage Neon Signs

    Vintage neon signs capture the essence of bygone eras with their retro designs and classic color schemes. These signs are perfect for creating a nostalgic ambiance in establishments such as diners, theaters, and vintage stores. Vintage neon signs combine historical aesthetics with modern craftsmanship, making them a popular choice for themed decor.

    Neon Channel Letters

    Neon channel letters are three-dimensional signs featuring individual letters illuminated with neon lighting. These signs are highly visible and are commonly used for storefronts, building facades, and commercial signage. Neon channel letters offer a professional appearance and can be customized in various fonts, sizes, and colors to match the brand identity.

    Neon Chandeliers

    Neon chandeliers are a unique and stylish lighting solution, combining the elegance of traditional chandeliers with the vibrant glow of neon lights. These fixtures are ideal for adding a modern and artistic touch to interiors, such as dining rooms, bars, and event spaces. Neon chandeliers can be designed in various shapes and patterns, creating a striking visual centerpiece.

    Double Sided Neon Signs

    Double-sided neon signs feature illuminated designs on both sides, making them visible from multiple angles. These signs are ideal for hanging in windows, on poles, or as freestanding displays, ensuring maximum visibility in high-traffic areas. Double-sided neon signs are perfect for businesses looking to attract attention from all directions.

    Neon Blade Signs

    Neon blade signs project perpendicularly from the building facade, providing high visibility to pedestrians and motorists. These signs are commonly used in urban settings, such as city centers and shopping districts, to effectively promote businesses and establishments. Neon blade signs are durable, weather-resistant, and customizable to meet specific branding needs.

    Animated Neon Signs

    Animated neon signs incorporate motion and light sequencing to create dynamic visual effects. These signs are particularly effective in grabbing attention and can be used to highlight specific messages or promotions. Animated neon signs are popular in entertainment venues, casinos, and retail stores, adding an element of excitement and engagement.

    Cordless Neon Signs

    Cordless neon signs are powered by batteries or rechargeable units, eliminating the need for visible cords and allowing for flexible placement. These signs are perfect for temporary displays, pop-up events, and areas where traditional power sources are not available. Cordless neon signs offer convenience and portability without compromising on brightness or quality.

    Neon Light Box Sign

    Neon light box signs feature a neon-lit design encased within a frame, providing a sleek and polished look. These signs are ideal for indoor and outdoor use, offering a professional and modern appearance. Neon light box signs are commonly used for business signage, wayfinding, and promotional displays, ensuring clear and attractive communication.

    Mirrored Backdrop Neon Signs

    Mirrored backdrop neon signs combine the reflective properties of mirrors with the vibrant glow of neon lights. These signs create a stunning visual effect, enhancing the perceived brightness and depth of the neon design. Mirrored backdrop neon signs are perfect for upscale venues, boutiques, and interior decor, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

    Neon Wall Art

    Neon wall art transforms traditional wall decor into illuminated masterpieces. These signs are designed to be visually striking, serving as both artwork and lighting. Neon wall art is suitable for homes, galleries, and commercial spaces, offering a unique way to express creativity and style through light.

    Desktop Neon Signs

    Desktop neon signs are small, portable neon displays designed for use on desks, shelves, and countertops. These signs are ideal for personalizing workspaces, home offices, and retail counters. Desktop neon signs offer a compact and stylish way to add a touch of neon glow to any small area, making them perfect for gifts and decorative accents.

    We can customize any type of unique and creative neon sign for you. Simply send us a Request for a Quote, and we will provide you with a quotation within 4 hours. We will also create a free design and send a mock-up within 24 hours, until you are completely satisfied.


    18. Warranty and After-Sales Service

    We provide comprehensive warranty and after-sales service to ensure customers have no worries.

    • Comprehensive Coverage: Our warranty covers a wide range of issues, ensuring that you are protected against defects in materials and workmanship.
    • Return and Exchange Policy: If the product is damaged during transportation, we offer replacements instead of repairs, ensuring you receive a product in perfect condition without delay.
    • Free Design Revisions: If you are not satisfied with the initial design, we offer free design revisions until you are completely happy with the final product.
    • Immediate Response: We offer immediate response times, so you can count on us to be there when you need us most. Our experienced and knowledgeable support team is available via online chat, email, and phone to assist you with any questions or concerns.
    • Satisfaction Guarantee: Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. We are committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional service to ensure you are happy with your purchase.


    19. Get a Quote and Mockup

    We offer three quick ways to customize your neon signs.

    (1) Design Your Neon Sign Online

    Get a real-time preview and quote, and complete the customization process in under a minute.

    (2) Upload Image and Order Quickly

    Ordering quickly is also extremely simple. Just upload your design or image, choose the size and color of the neon light, submit your order, and make the payment. We will design it for you for free within 24 hours. After getting your approval, we will quickly complete the production and delivery.

    (3) Get a Quick Quote and Free Design Mock-Up

    • Simply click the "Get Free Quote and Mock-Up" button and fill out a simple form.
    • We will provide a quote within 4 hours and deliver a free design and mock-up within 24 hours for your selection and approval, until you are completely satisfied.
    • Click the customize order link and complete your purchase. Most orders can be received within 9-10 business days.


    20. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Is this actual neon gas lights or LED neon?

    We customize both LED neon signs and real glass neon signs, depending on your needs. Since 1998, we have been producing glass neon lights and various commercial signage. AOOS CUSTOM is an expert in creating neon signs and creative commercial signage.

    How to Hang LED Neon Signs Without a Backboard?

    Our backboard-less LED neon signs feature tiny mounting holes at both ends of the tubes, allowing for simple installation with 2mm nails or clear command strips, without the need for professional knowledge.

    Can I wire my sign with a light switch at home?

    Yes, the sign comes with a low voltage adapter plug that can be cut and hardwired into an electrical fitting, enabling you to use a light switch to control the sign’s power.

    Can the sign be battery powered if there is no wall outlet available?

    All signs are equipped with a complimentary AA battery box for battery operation, though we recommend using an electrical connection for cost efficiency. Please note, AA batteries are not included in the standard configuration.

    Explore more frequently asked questions in our Neon Signs Knowledge Base. If you have any questions or need support, feel free to Send Us a Message, and we will respond and assist you within 2-4 hours for a fast response.