Product Description: Custom Logo Neon Signs

Custom logo neon signs are not just advertising tools, but also art pieces that attract customers and promote the brand. We are a genuine professional factory specializing in custom neon light logos, crafted entirely by hand. With the highest quality standards, a wealth of manufacturing experience, and all-encompassing customization capabilities, we can create any unique neon sign to make your brand stand out.

ꔷ A Genuine Custom Logo Factory: With extensive customization experience and craftsmanship levels that surpass industry standards.

ꔷ Comprehensive Customization Capabilities: We can create any unique sign, making your brand stand out.

ꔷ Flawless Detail Reproduction: Our technology ensures the accurate reproduction of the intricate details of a logo for a neon sign, accepting no deviations.

ꔷ BLIND Shipping for Brands and Designers: We do not display our name on any information sent to the recipient. No manufacturer's literature will be included in the shipment unless specifically requested, allowing your brand to appear as the consignor on all labels and shipping documents.


Features and benefits of the product

ꔷ We excel at bringing any complex design to life and crafting unique neon signage, not just as signs but as perfect pieces of art.

ꔷ We have the ability to apply various design styles and raw materials, making each sign one-of-a-kind and ensuring your signage stands out.

ꔷ Our attention to every detail surpasses the ordinary, ensuring every aspect of our signs is exquisite and flawless, never compromising by using subpar materials.

ꔷ Easy to install, our years of professional design knowledge have made the sign installation process as simple and direct as possible. Our signs are ready to be installed without the need for special skills or tools, saving you time and effort.

ꔷ Continuous customer support, understanding the importance of reliable support, whether you have any questions about the signage or need assistance, our professional team is always ready to provide the support you need, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience from beginning to end.

ꔷ As a professional custom factory, we specialize in serving brand marketing companies, advertising sign companies, decoration designers, and more. With extensive experience ranging from company logos and interior decoration art walls to trade shows, pop-up events, themed weddings, and corporate annual meetings, we can provide valuable insights and solutions to enhance the visibility and impact of your brand or event.


Types of Neon Signage for Business

Standard LED Neon Signs
Our standard LED neon signs transform your logo into glowing neon, mounted on a transparent backing. We can also create neon signs without any backing at all, with the tubes affixed directly to the wall for a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Additionally, we ensure the installation process is exceptionally straightforward, requiring no specialized knowledge or skills.

Backboard Printed Neon Signs
Our neon light signs can faithfully reproduce the original details of your logo by perfectly printing your image design or logo onto the backboard and installing neon tubes on top. This method enhances the visual impact and ensures your brand is prominently and accurately displayed.

Custom Neon Chandeliers
Illuminate your space with a touch of sophistication using our custom neon chandeliers. These statement pieces are designed to be both functional and decorative, adding a unique ambiance that reflects the style and character of your brand.

Custom Neon Channel Letters
Make a bold statement with our custom neon channel letters. Ideal for storefronts and company entrances, these individually crafted letters are backlit or edge-lit with neon, creating a striking and memorable presence that captures the essence of your brand identity.

Custom Tabletop Neon Signs
Our custom tabletop neon signs offer a versatile and portable branding solution. Perfect for events, point-of-sale displays, or as a centerpiece, these signs bring your logo or message to life in a compact and impactful way.

Custom Light Up 3D Metal Signs
Elevate your brand with our custom light-up 3D metal signs. Combining sturdy metal construction with vivid neon lighting, these signs offer a modern and industrial look that's sure to draw attention and leave a lasting impression.

Custom Business LED Signs
Our custom business LED signs provide a bright and energy-efficient way to display your brand. With vibrant colors and clear visibility, these signs are designed for maximum impact and long-term use in any business setting.

Custom Marquee Letters Signs
Create a vintage or theatrical effect with our custom marquee letters signs. These large, illuminated letters are perfect for making a grand statement and can be customized to any font and size to suit your branding needs.


What personalized designs are available for neon business signs?

1), We offer custom 3D sculpture neon signs that infuse your artwork with artistic tension, broadening the reach and impact of your brand and statement.

2), Neon tubing can be mounted on various surfaces such as concrete walls, wooden panels, metal sheets, painted glass, photo frames, and even canvas paintings, allowing your imagination to run wild.

3), We can create neon signs with various dynamic animation effects, including blinking, cycling animations, reminiscent of classic traditional neon art signs.

4), Our neon signs can incorporate a mix of raw materials and decorative designs, not limited to LED neon tubes. We also offer customization of traditional, old-fashioned glass neon signs.

5), Neon signs can be adapted to any installation scenario, whether hung on walls, in front of glass windows, beneath ceilings, over shop porches, on food carts like ice cream trucks and tacos, placed on the ground or tabletops, or even installed on rooftops and hung from trees.

6), We are capable of customizing neon signs to perfectly blend with different commercial décor styles, such as industrial, minimalist, modern, cyberpunk, and retro-style glass neon signs.


Custom Neon Signs for For Different Events & Occasions

Hotel Neon Signs
Illuminating the hospitality industry, our hotel neon signs offer a warm welcome to guests. They serve as the perfect beacon for travelers, often customized with the hotel’s logo or a cozy greeting message, enhancing the establishment's visibility and ambiance.

Open Neon Signs
A classic yet essential sign for businesses, open neon signs are designed to attract attention and signal that you are ready to welcome customers. These bright, inviting signs are ideal for storefronts and come in various styles to match any business theme.

Beauty and Hair Salon Neon Signs
Tailored for the beauty industry, our neon signs for beauty and hair salons add a glamorous touch to your storefront. Customized with chic designs and stylish fonts, they set the perfect tone for clients seeking a transformative beauty experience.

Trade Show Neon Signs
Stand out in the bustling expo hall with our custom trade show neon signs. These bright, energy-efficient signs are tailored to draw attention to your booth, showcasing your brand logo or the innovative products you offer. They are crafted to be easily transportable and durable, ensuring they last through the seasons of exhibitions. With their vibrant colors and dynamic designs, trade show neon signs act as a magnet for potential clients and partners, making your exhibit a focal point of the event.

Bar & Restaurant Neon Signs
Our custom neon signs for bars and restaurants are not only signage but also a branding masterpiece. They enhance the establishment's theme, promote the signature ambiance, and serve as a visual enticement for patrons and passersby.

Retail Store Neon Signs
Boost your retail store's curb appeal with our vibrant custom neon signs. These signs can feature your brand logo or promotional messages that capture the essence of your retail identity, driving foot traffic and promoting sales.

Corporate Event Neon Signs
Elevate corporate events with our sophisticated neon signs that can be customized with company logos, event themes, or motivational quotes, providing an elegant and professional touch to corporate gatherings.

Pop-up Event Neon Signs
Our neon signs for pop-up events are designed to be eye-catching and portable, perfect for temporary setups that need to make a lasting impression. They offer a modern and trendy way to highlight your brand and draw in a crowd.


Specification Description
Material LED neon signs (we can also customize traditional vintage glass neon lights according to customer requirements).
Dimensions Customizable to fit specific requirements
Color Options Wide range of colors available, including RGB color-changing options
Power Supply 12V transformer, suitable for worldwide use, with optional battery operation
Lifespan Up to 50,000 hours of illumination
Installation Easy installation process with mounting kit included
Usage Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Customization Logo, text, and design fully customizable to meet branding needs
Warranty 1-year warranty on all components