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Custom Logo Neon Signs

Custom Logo Neon Signs

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Each neon sign is purely handmade, devoid of rapid mass production,every step is patiently and meticulously completed by hand.

We can not only transform your logo into a perfect neon sign but also create a unique work of art that promotes your brand in a distinctive way.

Customize your perfect neon sign logo in just a few easy steps:

Step 1: Upload your image or file (unlimited quantity) in any format and specify your customization requirements in the order notes.

Step 2: Our team will design multiple options for you to choose from and approve until you're completely satisfied. We can customize neon signs with any materials and styles.

Step 3: With free delivery worldwide, your piece will arrive after 1-2 weeks. We offer an exclusive guarantee for this one-of-a-kind product. If you're not satisfied, we provide a full refund.

If you'd like to get a free mock-up before placing an order, You can submit your requirements or upload files here: Get Free Mockup & Quote

Our custom neon signs are the perfect addition to any space. With the option to switch between battery powered or plug-in power, you have flexibility in how you choose to display your neon art. And, installation couldn't be easier with no drilling, tools, or assembly required.

Not only are our neon signs easy to install, they're also portable and waterproof, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The safe 12-volt voltage means that they pose no risk to children or pets.

Whether you choose to hang your neon sign on a wall, suspend it from a ceiling, or display it in a storefront window, there is no need to purchase additional installation accessories. Simply plug it into a power outlet to enjoy. If a power outlet is not readily available, you can switch to battery operated.

At AOOS, we understand that every customer has a unique vision for their personalized neon sign. That's why we offer an exclusive worry-free replacement service. If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your product, we offer free redesign and replacement services to ensure you have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Shipping & Returns & Warranty

Standard shipping: Delivery within 8-12 working days.
Free economy shipping: Delivery within 14-18 working days.

We offer no-risk returns and exchanges within 90 days from the date of delivery.

All of our neon signs come with a 24-month warranty.


Is it easy to hang on the wall?
Yes, there are two holes on the back of the sign that can be used to hang it with screws or cord.

If I cannot nail anything to the wall, how can I hang the sign?
You can use No-Drill Transparent Wall Hooks, which do not require any tools or cause damage to the wall.

Does the sign come with a cable for suspending it from the ceiling or window?
Yes, the necessary accessories for installing the sign are included and no additional purchase is necessary.

Can I hang the sign on artificial flowers or boards?
Yes, our neon lights are 12V low voltage and do not pose any risks.

Does the sign come with a remote control?
Yes, we offer a remote control that allows you to control dimming, flashing, and dynamic modes..

Is the brightness on the sign adjustable?
Yes, you can adjust the brightness of our dimmable neon signs to your desired level using the included remote control.

Can the sign be powered by batteries if there is no wall outlet available?
All signs come with a free AA battery box for battery operation, but we recommend using electricity for cost efficiency. Please note that AA batteries are not included in the standard configuration.

If I choose the battery option, will the sign only run on batteries?
Even if you choose the battery case option, the electric plug will still be included as an add-on, giving you the option to use a wall outlet or the battery case.

If I choose the battery powered mode, what type of batteries does the sign use?
The sign uses 8 AA batteries.

Is this sign waterproof?
Yes, our signs use the best waterproof technology and there is no additional cost required.

I want to take this sign to outdoor events, how long can the batteries last?
Each set of 8 AA batteries can power the sign for 12 hours. If you have outdoor battery pack, the sign can have a longer lasting duration.

Can I connect this sign to a light-switch in my home?
Yes, the sign comes with a low voltage adapter plug that can be cut and hardwired into an electrical fitting, allowing you to use a light switch to turn the sign on and off.

Is the sign noisy or does it produce a constant buzzing sound?
No, the sign is completely silent.

Is the sign safe for children and pets?
Yes, our neon signs are made from soft silicone tubes and acrylic backing, with environmentally friendly materials that do not contain any toxic chemicals. They are safe for children and pets.


Can some parts of the sign be customized with different colors?
Yes, we can customize certain parts of the sign to different colors. Be sure to include this request in the notes when placing your order.

Can I upload an image to create a custom logo? Is it possible to get a neon copy of my existing logo?
Yes, we can customize any design, logo, icon, pattern, or text. You can upload images through the customization page.

Can I order neon signs in other languages?
Yes, we can customize the signs in any language such as Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Portuguese.

Can I choose a custom font?
We have 400 fonts to choose from. If you would like to use a specific font, you can mention it in the order notes or provide the font name or URL when placing your order.

Can I customize the neon sign in my own handwriting?
Yes, you can upload images of your handwriting through the customization page.

How long is the cable? Can the length of the cable be customized?
Each neon light comes with a 10-foot cable. If you need a different length, please specify in the order notes.

Can the color of the backplate be customized?
The standard color of the backplate is transparent, but we can provide different colors including a mirror backplate. Please mention your preference.
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Why choose AOOS®?

Premium Craftsmanship Exceeds Industry Standards

Choose AOOS® for custom neon signs that go beyond the industry standard. We adhere to rigorous, premium-grade manufacturing processes that set us apart from the rest.

AOOS® is a genuine maker specializing in custom neon signs, not a middleman.

Transparent Pricing, 7-12 business Day Direct Delivery, Lifetime Customer Support

Want your neon sign to hang on the wall without visible cords?

With our design, when you light it up, all you see is the glow of the sign – no distracting cords, just pure neon elegance.

Want a neon sign to decorate your wall, but don't have a wall outlet?

Our neon signs offer the flexibility to switch between battery and direct power. Whether you're without a nearby outlet or simply prefer the mobility of a battery-powered option.

Want your neon sign without drilling holes in your wall?

Our package comes complete with a variety of installation accessories to meet any needs. This includes transparent wall hooks that securely adhere to the wall without the need for drilling, ensuring a sleek look with no damage to your surfaces.

How to order

  • Design Mock-Up

    Contact us for a free quote and mock-up, or upload your logo to order directly, We will provide a mock-up for your approval. Unlimited design revisions until you are completely satisfied.

  • Production

    Once approved, we'll commence the creation of your personalized neon work of art.

  • Delivery

    We ensure safe and prompt doorstep delivery, 7-12 business Day Delivery, Lifetime Customer Support

Custom Neon Signs





What is the cost of a custom logo neon sign?

When you enter your text into our online customization tool, you'll be able to see the price immediately. Alternatively, you can refer to our price list here.


1, The sign size refers to its longest side, whether it's the width or height.

2, Neon Tube Mounted on a Clear Backing:
Choose this option if you prefer a minimalist and versatile design. Your custom neon tube will be mounted on a clear, unobtrusive backing, making it easy to blend into any setting."

3, Neon Tube Mounted on a Backing with Printed Logo:
Opt for this choice to make a bigger brand impact. Your neon tube will be mounted on a backing that features your printed logo, offering a more personalized and cohesive look.

Sign Size Neon Tube Mounted on a Clear Backing Neon Tube Mounted on a Backing with Printed Logo
12" (30 cm) $214 $239
20" (50 cm) $259 $299
24" (60 cm) $329 $379
30" (75 cm) $439 $499
36" (90 cm) $549 $619
42" (105 cm) $654 $739
48" (120 cm) $764 $859
54" (135 cm) $869 $979
60" (150 cm) $979 $1,099
66" (165 cm) $1,089 $1,219
72" (180 cm) $1,194 $1,339
78" (200 cm) $1,299 $1,459
84" (215 cm) $1,409 $1,579
90" (230 cm) $1,519 $1,699
96" (245 cm) $1,629 $1,819
102" (260 cm) $1,734 $1,939
108" (275 cm) $1,844 $2,059
114" (290 cm) $1,949 $2,179
120" (305 cm) $2,059 $2,299

What's the turnaround time for custom neon signs?

The turnaround time—or lead time—for custom neon signs varies based on the shipping option you choose. For Free Shipping, the turnaround time is 18 business days. With Standard Shipping, the turnaround time is 12 business days, and for Expedited Shipping, it's reduced to 7 business days. These time frames are calculated starting from the date of your payment. Please also note that an extra 3 days are required for processing, which will be added to the delivery time to determine the final delivery date.

What is your return policy for custom neon signs?

Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. If your custom neon sign arrives damaged during transit, or if you're unsatisfied with the product in any way, we offer a hassle-free return and replacement policy. We will remake the sign for you at no additional cost. Just reach out to our customer support team, and we'll take care of the rest.

Is it possible to get a high-quality LED neon sign without any visible cords?

When you opt for a plug-in model, the sign comes with a slim, transparent cable to power it. However, we also offer custom battery-powered neon signs that allow for a completely cord-free display on the wall, adding to the aesthetic appeal.

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