"Without Backplane" vs. "Cut to Shape": Which Backplane Type is Best for Your Custom Neon Sign?


A crucial aspect to consider when designing a custom neon sign is the type of backplane.

Without Backplane

"Without backplane" means that there won't be any additional material behind your neon sign. This option offers a minimalist design, with only the neon tubes visible on the wall and no extra elements to distract from the beauty of your sign or wallpaper. More importantly, the neon tubes can be easily installed on the wall without any specialized knowledge or tools.

Cut to Shape

The "cut to shape" backplane is custom-cut to follow the contours of the neon tubes. The advantage of this option lies in the increased safety during transportation, as the neon tubes are supported by a single piece of material that serves as the backplane. This backing not only offers protection but also adds a sleek and polished appearance to the neon sign.

When choosing between "without backplane" and "cut to shape" backplanes, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons of each option. While "without backplane" offers a minimalist design and easy installation, "cut to shape" provides additional support and protection for the neon tubes, especially during transportation. Ultimately, the choice will depend on your personal preferences and specific requirements for your custom neon sign.

However, this concern doesn't have a significant impact, as our neon signs come with a 24-month free warranty, so there's no need to worry about transportation safety issues.

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