Why should you not choose color-changing neon signs?


When customizing neon signs, many users consider having the neon signs feature color-changing capabilities, controlled remotely to display in multiple colors. What are the drawbacks of this color-changing function?

1,) Shorter Lifespan: Neon signs with color-changing capabilities require each tube to be soldered with four white connecting wires to control the changes in color groups. Compared to standard neon signs, which only have one thin transparent wire, color-changing neon signs have three times more soldering points. This increases the potential for product quality issues and shortens the lifespan, with an average lifespan of only about 70-80% of that of standard neon signs.

Why should you not choose color-changing neon signs? 1

2,) Visual Aesthetics Can Lead to Fatigue: Neon signs with color-changing functions are only suitable for single-color neon signs. The aesthetics of single-color neon signs can easily lead to fatigue; they become tiresome after a while. Moreover, during the color-changing process, most color options are not pure and attractive due to the mixing of bead colors. In contrast, mixed-color neon signs, which include multiple colors of neon tubes or different texts or logos in various colors, offer a lasting visual appeal that can bring stunning visual shocks and enduring aesthetic effects, regardless of time and place.

Why should you not choose color-changing neon signs? 2

3,) The color-changing function Compromised Aesthetic Appearance: The necessity for color-changing functionality to be connected with four sets of white connecting wires detracts from the overall aesthetics of the product. In contrast, standard neon signs maintain a more elegant simplicity, featuring only a single transparent wire. This simplicity makes them adaptable to any color of wall background or allows them to be concealed in certain places (even to the point where wireless neon signs have no visible wires at all), catering perfectly to users who appreciate minimalist aesthetics.

From a designer's standpoint, color-changing neon signs often cross into the realm of being considered gaudy, overshadowing the potential for a genuinely artistic expression. Meanwhile, the enduring beauty of mixed-color neon signs lies in their ability to serve as a timeless piece of art, providing continuous visual delight and a lasting aesthetic value.


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