Which is safer for children and pets: LED neon signs or glass neon signs?


When considering adding neon signs to your space, you might find yourself choosing between traditional glass neon and modern LED neon. Safety should be the paramount consideration in any decision, especially in environments with children and pets.

1,) Difference in Output Voltage: Traditional old-style neon signs operate at a dangerously high voltage of 8000-12000V, while LED neon signs function at a safe low voltage of 12V, equivalent to the power from 8 AA batteries (and can even be powered by such batteries). This means that even direct contact with LED signs is safe.

Which is safer for children and pets: LED neon signs or glass neon signs?

2,) Difference in Raw Materials: Old-style neon signs are made from glass tubes, which are easily broken during transport, movement, and installation. Once shattered, they are almost impossible to repair. Besides the broken glass, the mercury contained inside the glass neon tubes can spill onto the floor and into crevices, making it nearly impossible to collect and posing a serious health hazard due to mercury vapor, which is highly toxic. On the other hand, LED neon signs are made from flexible silicone tubes that won't break and are free from harmful substances, making them very safe for children and pets.

Which is safer for children and pets: LED neon signs or glass neon signs?

3,) Safety in the Installation Environment: Glass neon signs should be installed out of reach of children and pets to prevent any direct collisions or pulling that could lead to danger. In contrast, LED signs are safe to touch directly with your hands. Over long periods of use, glass neon signs risk component and wiring degradation, which could lead to safety hazards if not properly maintained. LED signs, however, do not present such risks.

In summary, when evaluating the safety of neon signs for environments with children and pets, LED neon signs are the clear choice. Their low voltage operation, use of non-toxic materials, and safer installation options significantly reduce the risks associated with traditional glass neon signs, making them a preferable option for family-friendly and pet-friendly spaces.

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