What are Wireless Neon Signs?


In the contemporary landscape of business signage, the advent of Custom Cordless (Wireless) Neon Signs has been a groundbreaking development. These signs revolutionize the concept of neon signage by eliminating the mess of visible wires that traditionally accompanies neon installations. The secret lies in concealing the connecting cables behind the sign's backplate, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of neon is not marred by unsightly wires. Wireless Neon Signs can be powered by an 8-pack AA battery unit, offering the freedom to place the sign anywhere without worrying about proximity to power outlets. Alternatively, for those who prefer a permanent setup, there's the option to hardwire these signs into a building's electrical system. This adaptability makes them a perfect addition to any setting, enhancing its ambiance without the constraints of wired installations.

custom cordless neon signs

Wireless Design:
The absence of visible connecting wires between the neon tubes lends a clean, polished look that is ideal for spaces adhering to minimalist design principles. The connectors are ingeniously hidden behind the sign's backplate, allowing only the sleek neon tubes to be visible, free from any clutter of wires or fittings.

custom cordless neon signs

Flexible Power Options:
These signs are designed to cater to diverse preferences, offering the portability of battery power or the stability of a hardwired connection. This flexibility enables the signs to be seamlessly integrated into various settings, from the front windows of stores to interior walls. The battery option utilizes an 8-pack AA battery box, providing ease of installation and mobility. For extended use, the sign can be connected to any 12V power source, including portable power banks or outdoor power supplies, ensuring longevity and reliability in operation.

custom cordless neon signs

Ease of Control:
Beyond the convenience of remote control, the hardwired setup of these neon signs can be easily managed via a standard wall switch. This feature allows for effortless operation, integrating the sign's functionality seamlessly into your daily business routines. Whether you're illuminating a storefront, enhancing the ambiance of a café, or adding a vibrant touch to an event space, the control simplicity ensures that managing your neon sign is as straightforward as flicking a switch.

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