How to Get a Custom Neon Sign at the Lowest Cost: Pricing Options and Tips

Introduction: Are you interested in getting a cheap neon sign or a custom neon sign for your home, business, or event but worried about the cost? In this blog post, we'll provide you with tips and options to help you find the perfect neon sign for sale at the lowest possible cost. We'll cover the factors that affect pricing, as well as some cost-saving strategies.

Factors that Affect Pricing: Before we dive into cost-saving strategies, it's important to understand the factors that affect the pricing of custom neon signs. The size of the sign, complexity of the design, and the number of colors used all play a role in determining the final cost. In addition, the type of neon used and the mounting options chosen can also affect the price. 

Cost-saving strategies:

Choose a smaller size: Opting for a smaller size can significantly reduce the cost of a cheap neon sign. Consider the location and purpose of the sign and choose a size that is appropriate without being excessive.

No need to consider the 15-color changing function: Custom neon signs with 15-color changing features may look attractive, but they come at an additional cost. If you have a particular color in mind that you would like your neon sign to emit, it may be more cost-effective to choose a single color option. However, not choosing the color-changing function doesn't have much of an impact because we can design the text or graphics of your neon sign with a mix of multiple colors, and this service is free of charge. You just need to leave us a note in the order remarks, telling us which parts you want to customize with different colors. This kind of design can make your neon sign even more vibrant and colorful, creating a beautiful and lively atmosphere. We highly recommend this design approach because its effect is simply stunning.

Choose the "No backplane" or "Cut to Shape" option for the neon sign backplane: The choice of backplane option for installing neon tubes can affect costs. Compared to "Cut to rectangle/square," choosing "No backplane" or "Cut to Shape" can save expenses. It's worth noting that "No backplane" requires no assembly and is really easy to install on the wall, without the need for any tools. On the wall, only the neon tube is visible, with no accessories blocking the beautiful wallpaper. This is the minimalist design style that we strongly recommend.

Opt for slower shipping: If you have the luxury of time, choosing the slowest shipping option can be a cost-effective choice. However, be sure to balance the cost savings with your desired delivery date and make sure you're not compromising too much on the speed of delivery.

By following these cost-saving strategies, you can find the ideal neon sign for sale at a lower price point without sacrificing quality or style.

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