How Neon Signs Stand on the Floor?


In most cases, neon signs are installed on walls or hung in front of glass windows. At weddings or outdoor events, they are usually hung under flower garlands or trees. However, in certain occasions, especially in commercial events, due to the need for brand promotion, neon signs need to be directly placed on the floor to attract attention. In situations where there are no walls or any hanging points available, installing a way to make the neon sign stand on the ground becomes a good solution.

No assembly required, easy to use

The pre-installed foldable stand at the back of the neon sign is a highly practical solution. This simple yet effective design element completely changes the way neon signs are placed on the floor, enhancing their portability and usability. This means no assembly or additional parts are needed; just take the neon sign out of the box, unfold the stand, and it's ready to go – very simple. This plug-and-play feature allows event organizers and trade show exhibitors to use them effortlessly, harnessing the unique visual charm of neon signs to achieve remarkable effects in attracting attention and promoting brands.

Portability in transportation

When not in use, the stand can be folded at the back of the neon sign, greatly reducing its footprint and making it easy to transport. For event planners who frequently use neon signs as branding or decoration in various parties and trade shows, this is very convenient.

Combining stability with flexibility

Although the stand is foldable, it's very stable. It's designed to keep the neon sign upright and stable, ensuring there's no risk of collapse. This carefully designed structure provides a perfect balance between lightweight portability and the sturdy support needed to showcase the brilliance of neon signs.

Battery-powered for use anytime, anywhere

Another prominent feature is the option to power these neon signs with batteries. This portability liberates neon signs from the constraints of nearby power outlets, opening up endless placement possibilities. Whether at outdoor gatherings or on exhibition stands far from power sources, these neon signs can stay bright, attracting attention and enhancing the atmosphere.

This portable design makes neon signages easier to acquire, carry, and extends their flexibility for various purposes. It ensures that these iconic pieces can effortlessly illuminate any space, anywhere, without the hassle of complex setups. When you see a neon sign standing prominently where you want it, it's easier than ever to bring vibrant colors and warm glow to your events and displays.

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