DIY Installation: What size drill bit do you need for your neon sign?

Installing your custom neon sign can be an exciting and rewarding DIY project. In this blog post, we will share some simple tips to help you determine the correct drill bit size for DIY installing your neon sign, focusing on aspects like neon sign installation requirements and neon sign mounting techniques.

Drill Bit Size:

Most custom neon signs come with pre-drilled mounting holes to make the installation process easier.

Here's a simple measuring method: place your drill bit into the pre-drilled mounting hole and find the one that fits just right, neither too big nor too small; this is the correct drill bit.

In most cases, the drill bit for installing neon signs is 3/16 inches, or 5 millimeters, which is a standard neon sign installation requirement.

Drill Bit Material:

If you're installing the neon sign on a brick or concrete wall, it's recommended to use a masonry drill bit.

For drywall or wooden surfaces, a standard wood or metal drill bit is sufficient.

How deep should you drill?

Most custom neon signs come with plastic expansion anchors. Place the plastic expansion anchor next to the drill bit and mark an equal length. When drilling, the mark should disappear just right, indicating the optimal depth.

Are there any no-drill neon sign mounting methods?

Of course! Our neon signs come with two additional mounting accessories to accommodate those who don't want to drill holes.

For drywall or wooden surfaces, use attractive decorative nails. Simply gently hammer the tiny decorative nails into the wall, and you can easily hang the neon sign. You can also disassemble it at any time, which is very convenient.

Attach transparent command strips or wall hooks to the back of the neon sign, and you can directly stick the neon sign to the wall. These transparent wall hooks can hold up to 15 pounds (7 kg), while the weight of neon signs generally doesn't exceed 2 to 4 pounds (0.8-1.8 kg).

More importantly, these transparent wall hooks are clear, so they won't cover your beautiful wallpaper, making them very aesthetically pleasing and perfect for neon sign home decor.

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