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To The Moon and Back Wedding Neon Sign 48"x36" (120x90cm)

To The Moon and Back Wedding Neon Sign 48"x36" (120x90cm)

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To The Moon and Back Wedding Neon Sign 48"x36" (120x90cm), Unique Visual Artifacts with Minimalist Aesthetics, Distinguishing Your Space and Brand. Suitable for both Home and Business Environments. In the realm of visual art and decorative design, our neon signs are more than just a source of light; they are a declaration of artistry meant to set your space and brand apart. Crafted with a minimalist design philosophy, our neon signs are simple yet profound, designed to add a unique charm to either your home or business environment. Whether becoming the center of attention at parties and events or enhancing the ambiance as daily decor, our neon signs stand as your ideal choice.

1), Dual Power Mode:
Our neon signs feature the convenience of both plug-in and battery power modes. Not only can they be powered by an AC adapter, but also by 8 AA batteries or any 12V outdoor and household energy storage sources. This allows the neon signs to shine their captivating light even in scenarios without power supply, such as various parties and events, becoming the focal point of attention.

2), Power Extension Cords with Customizable Colors:
The standard color for our power extension cords is transparent. If you prefer black or white power extension cords, please send us a message or leave a note in your order.

3), Remote Controlled Dimming:
Each neon sign comes with a remote control featuring an on/off switch, allowing you to adjust the brightness to create the perfect atmosphere according to your preference.

4), Flexible Installation Options:
The standard installation accessories are suitable for wall mounting. If you desire other installation accessories, such as ceiling/window hanging, drill-free glass hooks, or freestanding stands for tabletop or ground placement, please send us a message or leave a note in your order.

5), Outdoor Compatibility:
We can also customize the waterproofing of your neon sign to ensure durability and optimal performance in outdoor settings, making it suitable for any location.

We can customize any unique neon sign to perfectly match your requirements. For custom neon signs, please don't hesitate to reach out. Simply send us a message, and we're always available to provide you with a free design consultation and quote within 24 hours.