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  • Cut to Outline

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  • No Backboard

  • Printed Letters Backing

  • Printed Logo Backing

  • Transparent Backing

  • Matte Black Backing

  • Gold Mirror Backing

  • Silver Mirror Backing

  • Gold Brushed Metal backing

  • Silver Brushed Metal Backing

  • Printed letters Backing

  • Printed Logo backing

  • Colored Mirror Backing

  • Wall-mounted

  • Hanging From a Window or Ceiling

  • Tabletop

  • Free-standing On the Floor

Color chart showcasing 18 different neon light colors from AOOS Custom, displayed vertically on a black background.

Custom Neon Light Color Chart

The colors of the neon lights, listed from top to bottom, are white, black, warm white, turquoise, ice blue, blue, dark blue, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, tomato, light pink, hot pink, purple, light purple, red, dark green, and green.