What Colors are Included in Color Changing Neon Signs?


Color changing neon signs are an innovative and exciting way to showcase your business or personal style. With the ability to switch between hundreds of colors, you can customize your neon sign to match any mood or occasion. In this blog, we'll explore the colors available in full-color changing neon signs and provide their corresponding CMYK values.

Full-color changing neon signs allow you to choose from a vast array of colors, from classic hues like red and blue to unique shades of pink and purple. Some popular color options include:

  • Lemon Yellow:         FFFF00
  • Turquoise:                00FFFF
  • Light Pink:               FFBCDB
  • Golden Yellow:        FFD700
  • Green:                     00FF7F
  • Red:                        FF0000
  • Purple:                    B867FF
  • Blue:                      1E90FF
  • Hot Pink:                FF69B4
  • Deep Green:           07C700
  • Tomato:                  FF6347
  • Warm White:          FFF4E3
  • White:                    FFFFFF
  • Ice Blue:                87CEFA
  • Orange:                 FFA500

With Color changing neon signs, you can also choose to cycle through multiple colors automatically or select a single color to stay illuminated. It's important to note that this feature is only available for single-color neon signs and comes at an additional cost.

As designers, we recommend incorporating multiple colors into your neon sign's design for a more vibrant and eye-catching display. While these signs may not have the full-color changing feature, the blend of multiple colors creates a beautiful and dynamic effect. Our design service for customized neon signs is free, so simply let us know in the order notes which parts of your sign you want to customize and their corresponding colors.

In conclusion, full-color changing neon signs offer a wide range of color options to customize your sign to your specific preferences. From classic colors to unique shades, you can easily find the perfect color to fit your style.

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