What are Neon Sign Extension Cords Like?


Neon Sign Extension Cords

Neon sign extension cords are distinct from ordinary power extension cords because they are specifically designed to connect neon signs directly to power adapters, rather than extending from the power adapter to a wall outlet.

Differences Between Power Adapter Extension Cords and Neon Sign Extension Cords

Purpose of Power Adapter Extension Cords

Power adapter extension cords are primarily used to connect a neon sign’s power adapter to a distant wall outlet. This type of cord allows the power adapter to be placed farther from the power source, which is particularly useful when the nearest outlet is not conveniently located near the desired sign installation site.

Purpose of Neon Sign Extension Cords

Neon sign extension cords, in contrast, are designed to connect the neon sign itself to its power adapter when the sign is mounted on a wall or hung from the ceiling. These cords provide the necessary length to aesthetically integrate the neon sign with its surroundings and are tailored in both color and length to match the background style of the installation area.

Types of Neon Extension Cords

LED Neon Sign Extension Cords:

Wire Diameter: 1.5 mm.

Color Options: Transparent, black, and white to either match or blend into various installation backgrounds. The transparent option is universally suitable, providing minimal visual disruption. For other special colors, the wire can be spray-painted as specified.

Length: Customizable up to 10 feet. Longer wires can decrease the working voltage of the neon sign, affecting its brightness.
If the power outlet is too far, use an extension cord for the neon sign power adapter to increase the length from the power adapter to the power outlet, rather than between the sign and the adapter. The length of these extension cords is not restricted.

Glass Neon Sign Extension Cords:

Wire Diameter: 3 mm.

Color: Primarily black.

Length: Customizable up to 10 feet. Lengths beyond this can lead to a reduction in the sign’s voltage and thereby dim its brightness. For installations where the power source is not in close proximity, it's advisable to use an extension cord from the neon sign’s power adapter to the outlet to maintain optimal brightness, avoiding extensions between the sign and its adapter. The length of the power adapter extension cords is unlimited, ensuring flexibility in sign placement.

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