What are LED Neon Sign Tubes? - Neon Sign Tube Overview



LED neon tubes are the most common type of lighting used in neon signs. When turned off, they are typically a frosted white color (semi-transparent), and when turned on, they display a variety of light source colors. This type of neon tube has a brighter luminosity when lit because the tube is semi-transparent and can display a variety of colors, achieving the best effect without being too harsh on the eyes. Visually, the emitting colors are more vivid and clean, and the light effect is completely consistent with traditional glass neon signs. Neon signs are easily visible from a distance and attract attention. Due to their high brightness, their charm remains undiminished even in daylight. In dimly lit indoor environments, all lights can be turned off, and the brightness can be adjusted through a dimmer to suit various moods and warm the soul.

The second type of LED neon tube is a colored tube, which displays the same color when turned off as it does when turned on. When LED neon lights are turned on, they emit a softer and more translucent glow. Due to their lower brightness, these tubes create a hazy effect, especially for dark colors such as blue, green, and magenta, making the light appear somewhat blurry.

While the only advantage of the second colored tube is that it can display text and pattern shapes even when turned off, the first frosted white tube can be adjusted to any brightness level through a dimmer. From a designer's perspective, the frosted white tube is the better choice because it can seamlessly blend in with any decorative style and not interfere with other color schemes. The light is clear and clean, and even after a long time, it remains attractive. This makes custom LED neon signs an excellent choice for businesses and homeowners who want to showcase their personality through lighting.

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