How to Use the Remote Control for Neon Sign?

This post will guide you through the various functions and troubleshooting methods for the remote control of your neon sign.

Overview of the Remote Control Technology

This product utilizes wireless RF communication, allowing for remote control operation over long distances and through obstacles. The remote control features capacitive sensing touch keys for effortless interaction.

Modes and Features

• Static Mode: Use this mode to keep the sign illuminated without flashing.
• Flashing Mode: This mode allows the sign to flash, adding dynamic visual interest.

Initial Setup

Upon manufacturing, the remote control and the receiver are pre-paired. However, if the remote becomes unresponsive or if you need to pair a new remote control, follow these steps:

ID Pairing Method

Pairing ID:

1), Power off the receiver and wait for 5 seconds.
2), Power it on again and immediately press and hold the #7 button (S+) within 5 seconds.
3), Observe the light flashing slowly several times, which indicates a successful pairing.

Deleting a Pairing:

1), Power off the receiver and wait for 5 seconds.
2), Power it on, then immediately press and hold the #7 button (S+).
3), If the light flashes quickly several times, the pairing has been successfully deleted.
Note: Each receiver can manage up to 8 remote controls. Pairing a 9th remote will automatically delete the first one paired.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Remote Control Unresponsive or Inoperative:

• Check that the battery level is sufficient. If unsure, replace the batteries, reinstall, and wait about 30 seconds before trying again.

Sign Does Not Illuminate:

• Ensure the batteries are correctly installed and have enough charge.
• Verify that the receiver and sign are properly wired and receiving power.
• Check that the receiver is not placed in a metal container or too close to the ground as these can interfere with signal reception.

Reduced Remote Control Range:

• Similar to the above, ensure the battery is sufficiently charged. Consider the placement of the receiver; it should be installed away from the ground and clear of metal obstructions.

LED Light Not Turning On:

• Apart from checking the power supply and ensuring the correct voltage, make sure the wiring is correct and the power source is adequate.

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