Custom Stainless Steel Mirror-Style Backlit Channel Letters

Stainless steel mirror-style backlit channel letters are perfect for businesses like beauty bars and hair salons that require a modern design and upscale atmosphere in their signage.

Custom Stainless Steel Mirror-Style Backlit Channel Letters

Craftsmanship and Quality

Our custom stainless steel mirror-style backlit channel letters are meticulously crafted. Each letter is laser-cut and then hand-polished to ensure smooth, rounded edges with no sharp corners. The mirror-like finish is achieved through a rigorous polishing process, resulting in a highly reflective and sleek appearance, enhancing the high-end and modern design.

Superior Materials

We use only the highest quality 304 stainless steel, known for its excellent durability and corrosion resistance. This ensures your signage maintains its pristine condition in any environment. The backlighting is provided by energy-efficient LEDs, which are not only long-lasting but also emit a soft, attractive glow that highlights the elegance of the stainless steel letters.

Customization Options

Every aspect of our channel letters can be customized to suit your brand identity. Choose from a variety of fonts, sizes, and backlight colors to create signage that perfectly complements the decor of your beauty bar or hair salon.

Production Process

Cutting Stainless Steel Letters

The process begins with selecting premium 304 stainless steel sheets, which are then laser-cut into precise shapes. Each letter is then hand-welded to create three-dimensional borders. The edges are meticulously polished to a mirror finish, creating a seamless and reflective surface.

Backlight Integration

High-quality LED modules are strategically placed behind each letter to provide uniform illumination. These LEDs are energy-efficient and designed to last, ensuring your signage remains vibrant and attractive over time.


Professional Installation
All channel letters come with detailed installation instructions, making the process straightforward and easy, even without professional expertise. This ensures that your signage can be quickly and efficiently set up.

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