How to Hang LED Neon signs without a Backboard?


LED neon signs have become a popular choice for businesses and home decor enthusiasts due to their energy efficiency and durability. One of the most common questions about LED neon sign installation is whether it can be hung on a wall without a backboard. In this article, we'll explore the answer to this question and provide some helpful tips on how to hang LED neon signs safely and securely.

LED Neon Sign Installation: Hanging Tips and Tricks

LED neon signs are made up of flexible LED lights encased in silicone tubing, which can be bent into various shapes and letters to create the desired design. To hang an LED neon sign without a backboard, one option is to install the LED neon sign on a transparent acrylic panel. The acrylic panel can be cut into the same size and shape as the LED neon sign, with only tiny holes for installing small decorative nails (2mm in diameter) that will be used to secure the neon sign to the wall.

Alternatively, you can use clear command strips to attach the LED neon sign to the wall without any nails or backboard material. This way, there will be no damage to the wall, no nails, and a clean and sleek LED neon sign installation on the wall.

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