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LED Neon Signs

Custom personalized LED neon signs offer customization options for any neon letters and logos, as well as the sign's size and color.

The default design for LED neon signs involves mounting the LED neon tubes on a transparent acrylic backing. However, the shape, color, and material of the backing can also be customized according to your preference. It's even possible to customize LED neon signs without any backing at all.

In addition, we offer customization for traditional glass neon signs as well.


Features of LED Neon Signs

LED neon signs are modern substitutes for traditional neon signs, which are typically made from glass tubes filled with neon or argon gas. When electrified, the neon or argon gas glows. However, LED (Light Emitting Diode) neon signs use flexible LED strips, offering the appearance and lighting effects of classic glass neon lights. Here are some key features and benefits of LED neon signs:

Durability: The LED neon light tubes are crafted from soft silicone with flexible LED strips serving as their light source. This design ensures they are more durable and less likely to break than traditional glass neon tubes.

Safety: LED neon signs generate less heat and are safer to touch. They do not contain harmful gases or mercury found in traditional glass neon signs, nor do they easily break. This is because they are made of soft silicone strips instead of glass, posing no risk to children and pets.

Versatility: Due to their size and technological flexibility, LED neon signs can create various colors, sizes, shapes, and animations, especially for large neon sign backdrops. This allows for more complex designs and customization options, such as dimming, flashing, and dynamic glowing effects.

Ease of Installation: LED neon signs are generally lighter and simpler to install, not requiring any professional knowledge, allowing anyone to complete the installation. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Aesthetics: The default design for LED neon sign tubes is mounted on a transparent acrylic backing, with the wiring between tubes being virtually invisible 1mm transparent wires, eliminating messy wiring. When installed on colored, gold mirror, silver mirror, or other opaque backings, no wires are visible at all, creating a highly aesthetic appearance. It’s even possible to customize neon signs without any backing at all, showcasing only the minimalist style of the neon tubes on the wall, seamlessly blending into any decorative backdrop..

Energy Efficiency: Compared to traditional neon lights, LED neon signs consume less power. They can be powered using a plug-in power adapter, 8 AA batteries, or any energy source that provides 12V output. Over time, LED neon signs are more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Because of these advantages, LED neon signs are popular in various applications, including commercial signage, home decor, events, and art installations. They offer the classic aesthetic of neon decorations, visual art, advertising, and brand promotion.

Customization Options for Custom LED Neon Signs

Backplate for Mounting Neon Tubes

The default design of neon signs is mounted on transparent plexiglass (also known as clear acrylic backplates). We can also customize colored acrylic backplates, gold mirrors, silver mirrors, as well as metal or wooden backplates, to match different decorative styles. We can print your logo or any high-definition image on the backplate. Additionally, we can customize neon signs to be mounted on art pieces such as posters, vinyl banners, flag fabrics, photographs, and oil paintings.

Shape of the Backplate

Our designers typically create the most aesthetically pleasing backplate shapes based on actual cases. However, we also customize various shapes according to customer needs, including logos, text, or abstract shapes, to perfectly fit the design theme. We can customize neon signs without backplates upon request, which are then mounted directly on the wall, displaying only the neon tubes for a minimalist aesthetic.

Type of Neon Tubes

Modern neon signs use LED neon tubes, replicating the look and lighting effect of vintage glass neon signs but are made without any harmful materials. These soft silicone LED tubes are safe for children and pets and operate at a low voltage of 12V, suitable for any environment. Traditional glass neon signs are also available for those seeking a nostalgic look, as they offer a distinct artistic quality.

Color of Neon Tubes When Lit

We offer a wide range of color choices, including single color, mixed colors, or RGB color-changing options, to match any brand image or decor theme.

Color of Neon Tubes When Off

When turned off, neon tubes can either appear white or colored to match their illuminated state.

Extension Cord for Neon Signs

Custom Length: Various length options are available for the extension cord to facilitate flexible installation.

Custom Color: The extension cord is offered in black or white to seamlessly integrate into different decor settings.

Power Supply for Neon Signs

We provide a power supply compatible with the local voltage and plug standards and offer battery-operated options. Small tabletop neon signs can also come with a Type-C USB power supply.

Installation Accessories for Neon Signs

Installation is straightforward, requiring no professional expertise. We supply all necessary installation accessories, including screws, hooks, and guides, for diverse installation options like wall mounting, hanging, or table placement. Neon signs can also be mounted on various event backdrops, including floral arrangements, arches, full-body mirrors, table number signs, as well as banners and fabrics.

Neon Sign Dimmers

Adjustable lighting is achieved using two types of accessories for brightness control, allowing for customization of ambiance or mood.

In-line Dimmer: This sleek, compact dimmer connects directly to the power cord, facilitating easy brightness adjustments without the concern of losing a remote control.

Remote Control: A remote control for the neon light can adjust brightness, power the sign on/off, and control flashing functions.

Outdoor Waterproof Function for Neon Signs

Outdoor neon signs receive additional waterproofing and sealing to ensure durability and weather resistance for long-term outdoor use.

Installation Options for LED Neon Signs

LED neon signs come with a range of installation choices to accommodate your preferences for displaying them on various surfaces or settings, including walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, or against banners and textile backdrops during events.

Standoff Bolts

Using standoff bolts to secure LED neon signs is a straightforward method to showcase your signage. This technique employs four standoff bolts to elevate the sign from the wall surface, providing a stylish look while ensuring stability and preventing any damage.


For easy installation on wooden surfaces, 2mm diameter nails are your go-to option. Requiring just a simple hammer, these nails offer a quick and tool-free solution for securely hanging your neon sign.

Clear Command Strips

For those looking to avoid drilling into walls, adhesive strips represent another mounting solution. Designed for easy application and removal, these strips provide a damage-free option for hanging neon signs.

Hanging Cables

The hanging cable kit consists of two slender 2mm stainless steel cables, allowing you to suspend the neon sign from a ceiling or window frame, facilitating a versatile and straightforward hanging method.

Portable Easels

For neon signs intended for placement on the ground, tables, or countertops, portable easels provide a stable base. These easels offer flexibility, combined with a battery box for power, allowing you to move and position your sign as needed across various event locations.

Clear Suction Cups and Hooks

Opt for clear suction cups and hooks for a versatile mounting solution on glass surfaces or vehicle windows. This option is especially useful for temporary setups on ice cream trucks, food trucks, or retail windows, ensuring your neon sign is both secure and easily movable.

Custom LED Neon Signs FAQ

Is this actual neon gas lights or LED neon?

We customize both LED neon signs and real glass neon signs, depending on your needs. We have been manufacturing real neon signs for over 25 years, and the founder of AOOS CUSTOM is a true expert in glass neon signage.

How to Hang LED Neon Signs Without a Backboard?

Our backboard-less LED neon signs feature tiny mounting holes at both ends of the tubes, allowing for simple installation with 2mm nails or clear command strips, without the need for professional knowledge.

Can I wire my sign with a light switch at home?

Yes, the sign comes with a low voltage adapter plug that can be cut and hardwired into an electrical fitting, enabling you to use a light switch to control the sign’s power.

Can the sign be battery powered if there is no wall outlet available?

All signs are equipped with a complimentary AA battery box for battery operation, though we recommend using an electrical connection for cost efficiency. Please note, AA batteries are not included in the standard configuration.