1.Q:Does the neons need a backplane?and what kinds of backplane do you have?

   A:All our neons have the backplane,we have four kinds of backplanes:outline,square,

  none and desktop.Usually,we can only customize it without backplane after making

  sure that the customers can hang it by themselves.We suggest that it’s better to select a ourline or square backplane,because it’s easier to hang it on the wall andit’s stronger,only a few neons can be done in desktop backplane.

2.Q:What should I do if my neon was damage or it does not work? 

   A:Because the neon tubes are handmade glass so they are very fragile.

If it was damaged in shipping,just provide us a picture so we can send a replacement to you, but if it was human damage, it is not within our warranty.

If the neon is not work,you can send us a video of 10 seconds, we will find the problems and solve all the problems for customers.


3.Q:Do you accept customization?

   A:Of course,we can do custom neon sign.

We have various designs,you can also send your design to us.

We will see what size it fits and give you a quote,you can also do your custom neon on our website.


 4.Q:What does the dimmable option mean?

    A:We have two kinds of neons:dimmable and non-dimmable.

  If you select the neon with a dimmer,you can adjust the brightness of the neon.

  If you select the non-dimmable,you can’t adjust the brightness.


5.Q:Will it be too difficult to hang it on the wall?

   A:It is easy and convenience to hang it on the wall.

  You can punch two holes on the wall,the backplane also have two holes,so you can hang it with two screws or a rope.

  If you find it more troublesome to punch holes on the wall,you can also hang it with command strips.


 6.Q:Do you do any promotion or do you have any discount?

    A:Usually,we don’t do any promotion.

   And we don’t offer any discount if you only buy one.

   We can only offer you $5 discount per item if you buy more than 10 neon signs at one time,if necessary,we can also offer you a discount code.