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Custom Neon Signs: Your Ultimate Guide to Making the Right Choice

Why is the product lifespan of AOOS neon signs twice as long as other products?

It's because AOOS neon signs are all equipped with waterproof function, with a layer of transparent waterproof film to protect the circuit inside the neon tube from being affected by wet weather and short circuits.

How to customize your own logo neon sign?

You can use the custom link below: to directly upload your image, choose the size and colors, and place your order immediately to quickly receive your customized neon light. (We will send you the design for approval before production).

Can your neon technology accurately reproduce the fine details of a logo for a neon sign?

Custom logo neon signs for business are all about capturing the intricate details of a logo and conveying the complete image to customers, while showcasing the allure of neon lights to attract them to become familiar with the brand and achieve the goal of brand promotion. Neon signs are not just advertising tools, but also works of art that can attract customers and promote brands. To accurately present the details of the logo, AOOS neon signs can perfectly print the customer's logo on the backing board, and then install the neon tubes on the logo-printed backing board. This way, the unique design of the logo can be perfectly displayed, and the neon lights bring outstanding artistic charm and brand promotion effect.

Can I change the color of my order after it has been placed?

It is possible to change the color before the order has been shipped.

Can I pick a different font for predesigned neon sign?

At AOOS, we understand that you may love a pre-designed neon sign but want to make some changes to it. We offer an "Add Your Personalization" option where you can tell us about your customization needs. We can easily create a custom neon sign tailored to your requirements.

Is this actual neon gas lights or LED neon?

We use neon LED lights for our signs by default. However, we also offer signs made with actual glass tubes. If you prefer a sign made with glass tubes, you can simply leave a message in the order notes, and we'll take care of it for you.

What is the Difference Between LED Neon Signs and Traditional Glass Neon Signs?

LED neon signs have the same visual impact as traditional glass neon signs. Glass neon signs have a nostalgic feel, but their glass material is prone to breakage and has a shorter lifespan. LED neon signs use high-transparency silicone tubes to emit the same neon light, but with a longer lifespan. LED neon signs are safe for children and pets, as they use a safe low voltage of 12V, unlike high voltage glass neon signs. The appearance of LED neon signs is sleek, with the tubes mounted on a transparent backboard, which also hides the transparent small connecting wires. Compared to glass neon signs, LED neon signs are simple and clean in appearance, with a minimalist aesthetic.
Watch the video here.

Do neon signs make noise?

LED neon signs do not make any noise and are completely silent (Traditional glass neon signs can produce some noise). However, some neon sign manufacturers may use low-quality ballasts as a power supply to reduce costs. These larger ballasts may come with a fan or cooling system, which could produce a buzzing noise.

High-quality neon signs, do not produce any noise on their own. Any unwanted noise is typically caused by a faulty power supply. AOOS neon signs, use UL and CE certified AC adapters that are completely silent, just like a phone charger.

Can I get a quote?

Certainly, we can provide you with a quote. In addition, we offer free design mockups until you are satisfied with the design, allowing your imagination to run wild with no pressure or commitment to purchase.

Would it be possible to see a few mock-ups of my logo in neon before buying?

At AOOS, we offer a simple ordering process for your custom neon sign. Upload your logo, choose the size, and we'll send you multiple mock-ups to approve before production. Have specific needs? Our design team can create mock-ups within 24 hours. Get Free Mockup & Quote Here:

Can you suggest some font options and other design elements for my custom neon sign?

At AOOS, we offer free design services for
your custom neon sign. Simply provide us with your brand name or decoration
style, and our designers will create a sign that matches your space's overall
atmosphere. We'll help you choose aesthetic fonts, colors, and design elements
to create a unique and memorable sign. Our team is dedicated to providing the
highest quality service and products, and we'll work with you until you're
completely satisfied with the design. Get Free Mockup & Quote Here:

Can I order neon signs in other languages?

Yes, we can customize the signs in any language such as Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Portuguese.

Can I specify a specific font or upload my own custom font?

If you would like to use a specific font, you can mention it in the order notes or provide the font name or URL when placing your order. You can also upload images of your handwriting through the customization page.

Neon Light Color

What Color Options are Available for Custom Neon Signs?

There are many different colors to choose from when it comes to custom neon signs, ranging from classic colors such as red and blue to more unique colors such as pink and purple. Some popular color options include:
Lemon Yellow,Turquoise, Light Pink, Golden Yellow, Green, Red, Purple, Blue, Hot Pink, Deep Green, Tomato, Warm White, White, Ice Blue, Orange.
Watch the video here.

What Colors are Included in Color Changing Neon Signs?

Color changing neon signs allow you to choose from a vast array of colors, from classic hues like red and blue to unique shades of pink and purple. Some popular color options include:
Lemon Yellow,Turquoise, Light Pink, Golden Yellow, Green, Red, Purple, Blue, Hot Pink, Deep Green, Tomato, Warm White, White, Ice Blue, Orange.
Watch the video here.

Can You Customize Some Parts of This Item in Another Color?

Yes, we can also customize your sign to have different parts in different colors. Be sure to add this request within the order note area when you add it to cart.
Watch the video here.

Is there an added cost for multiple colors?

There is no additional cost for customizing your neon sign with multiple colors. You can simply leave a note in the order notes section with your personalized requirements, and we'll customize your sign with mixed colors for free. Our designers highly recommend this option as it creates a stunning visual effect.

Does the color change option means i get to choose the color or does it changes it color after a few seconds?

The color change option allows you to manually select a specific color that you like and keep it fixed. You can also choose from several automatic color cycling modes, which will cycle through different colors automatically. There are multiple automatic color cycling modes to choose from.

Can the neon sign change colors?

If all the tubes in the neon sign are of
the same color, then it's possible to add a color-changing function. However,
if the neon sign is composed of tubes of multiple colors, then it's not
possible to add a color-changing function. Our designers actually recommend
neon signs with multiple color as they provide a visually appealing and
aesthetic effect that is far superior to color-changing neon signs.

The Choice of Remote Control forColor-Changing Neon Signs

Neon signs usually have two types of remote
controls: button-style and wheel-type. Button-style is the easiest to use,
offering 15 popular colors. Wheel-type is more complex, offering many color
options but most are not pure. Both types let you choose your favorite color
and automatic color-changing modes. We default to button-style but can provide
programmable options based on your needs.

Neon Tube Color When Off

What are LED Neon Sign Tubes? - Neon Sign Tube Overview

I am wondering if I could see what the tube looks like when it’s on and off?

the neon sign is turned off, you can choose between white tubes or colored tubes
that match the glowing color of the neon sign. With colored tubes, the text or
design is still visible when the tubes are off, but the brightness is soft, and
the sign may appear blurry. On the other hand, white tubes emit a bright and
clear glow when turned on, creating stunning visual effects. If you want your
sign to remain visible when the tubes are off, you can choose to print the
colored outline of the font around the white tubes. This is a more perfect
craft choice. We strongly recommend using white tubes to make neon signs. Watch the video here.


How Do Neon Sign Sizes compare to Sofas and Beds?


"Without Backplane" vs. "Cut to Shape": Which Backplane Type is Best for Your Custom Neon Sign?

"Without backplane" means that there won't be any additional material behind your neon sign. This option offers a minimalist design, with only the neon tubes visible on the wall and no extra elements to distract from the beauty of your sign or wallpaper. More importantly, the neon tubes can be easily installed on the wall without any specialized knowledge or tools.
Watch the video here.

Is the no backboard option as easily wall mounted as other backboard options?

Yes, absolutely. It's incredibly easy and effortless to wall mount our neon signs with no backboard option. There is no need for drilling or any special tools, and it won't damage your walls or leave any marks. The installation process is so straightforward that anyone can complete it in under three minutes, without even needing to consult any installation guides.

Are there still holes for mounting if the neon sign doesn't come with a backboard?

Yes, there are still two small, transparent mounting holes on the sign. The standard configuration also includes spare accessories such as mounting nails, which allows you to choose any installation method that suits you best.

Can the color of the backboard be customized?

The standard color of the backboard is transparent, but we can provide various colored acrylic backboards, semi-transparent colored acrylic boards, gold and silver mirror backboards, various colored metal boards, and wood boards in various materials. Please add your personalized requirements in the order notes section.


Can the sign be battery powered if there is no wall outlet available?

All signs come with a free AA battery box for battery operation, but we recommend using electricity for cost efficiency. Please note that AA batteries are not included in the standard configuration.

What Do the Battery Packs for Neon Signs Look Like?

What kind of batteries do I need for battery powered neon signs?

Typically, our battery powered neon signs require 8 AA batteries. However, this is only suitable for short-term use, such as outdoor events, weddings, and trade shows, as the battery life may not be long enough. If you connect the sign to an outdoor power source with a 12V output port, it can last for 1-2 weeks of continuous use. For long-term indoor use, we recommend using an electrical power supply instead of batteries.

How long are the cables? Can you customize the length of the cable?

Each neon light comes with 10 ft cables. Yes, you can enter a note in the order note area or send us an email with your order number and we will customize the length of the cables for you.

What is the correct and safe choice for neon sign power adapters?

selecting an adapter, it's important to choose one that is certified for use in
your country to ensure it meets safety standards. This is especially important
for larger signs, where low-quality power adapters may have exposed wires or
connections that pose safety hazards. They may also produce some level of
noise, while high-quality adapters are completely silent. For outdoor signs,
the power adapter must be water-resistant to prevent damage from rain or


Are your neon signs dimmable?

Yes, a free dimmer switch is included in the standard configuration of AOOS neon signs. You can adjust the brightness of the neon sign to your desired level, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your space.

How Do Neon Sign Dimmers Work?

In-line dimmer: It is installed on the power line and has an on/off switch, making it compact and aesthetically pleasing. You can easily manually adjust the brightness to your desired level.

Remote control dimmer: You can also use a remote control to adjust the brightness to your desired level, which is easy to operate. Compared to the in-line dimmer on the power line, its disadvantage is similar to that of a TV remote control - you need to put it in a designated place to prevent it from being lost when you need it.
Watch the video here.

Will Neon Signs with Flickering Modes Always Flicker? Can I Switch to Any Mode I Want?

Modern LED neon signs with flickering modes do not always flicker. The flickering mode is just one of the options that can be enabled or disabled according to your preferences. LED neon signs use advanced technology that allows you to control the flickering and choose between steady and flickering modes.Watch the video here.
Watch the video here.

Is it Possible to Dim the Color Changing Feature of a Neon Sign?

The answer is yes, it is possible to adjust the brightness of the colors. This can be done through the use of a remote control that is included with the neon sign.
Watch the video here.


Is it easy to hang on a wall?

Our neon sign can be hung using transparent wall hooks, which eliminates the need for drilling and makes installation and dismantling a breeze. These hooks won't leave any marks or damage on your walls. In addition, the backboard of the sign has two holes, making it easy to hang the sign with screws or cords. All necessary accessories are included in the standard configuration of the sign.

If I cannot nail anything to the wall, how can I hang the sign?

Our neon sign can be hung using transparent wall hooks, which eliminates the need for drilling and makes installation and dismantling a breeze.

Can I hang the sign on artificial flowers or boards?

Yes, installing neon signs on plastic dry flowers is a common installation scenario. Our neon lights are 12V low voltage and do not pose any risks.

How to Hang LED Neon signs without a Backboard?

You can use clear command strips to attach the LED neon sign to the wall without any nails or backboard material. This way, there will be no damage to the wall, no nails, and a clean and sleek LED neon sign installation on the wall.
Watch the video here.

Can I wire my sign with a light switch at home?

Yes, the sign comes with a low voltage adapter plug that can be cut and hardwired into an electrical fitting, allowing you to use a light switch to turn the sign on and off.

I Want to know the difference between the options: hanging mounted and wall mounted?

Both the hanging mounted and wall mounted options have the same appearance, but the hanging mounted neon signs come with an additional set of stainless steel, adjustable-length cables that allow the sign to be installed under a ceiling or in front of a store's glass window display.

Can you use the sign outside?

Yes, our neon signs are designed to be waterproof, which means they can be used outside. Additionally, the lifespan of our neon tubes is twice that of other products, thanks to their waterproof feature.

Is the power adapter of the outdoor sign also waterproof?

Yes, the power adapter for outdoor signs must also be waterproof to prevent any malfunctions due to rainwater.


What are the lead time and turnaround time for your products, and do you offer expedited services?

Our standard production time is 4 business days (not shipping time). For shipping, we offer several options:

Standard shipping: 7-9 business days (excluding production time).
Free economy shipping: 11-14 business days (excluding production time).
Express shipping: 3-5 business days (excluding production time).

Do Customs Charges Need to be Paid When Shipping Neon Signs to the UK?

AOOS covers all customs charges and offers free shipping to the UK.

Can I Expedite My Custom Neon Sign Order? How Long Does Expedited Shipping Take?

In general, all orders for custom neon signs require 4 business days for production. Expedited shipping, on the other hand, typically takes 3-5 business days for delivery. This means that the total shipping time would be 7-9 business days. Please note that this may vary depending on your location and the operations of the courier company.

Are any signs ready to ship?

Yes, we have some neon sign designs that are ready to ship. In addition to offering custom neon signs, we also have in-stock neon signs that can be quickly shipped to customers for their upcoming parties or store openings. These pre-made neon signs are stored in our California warehouse and can be shipped at any time. Our in-stock signs are priced affordably and can be delivered within 2-5 days in the US, Canada, and the UK, depending on the shipping address's distance from California. The following webpage link is where you can find our available neon signs for quick delivery:

How much is shipping?

We offer free economy shipping worldwide, as well as paid standard and expedited shipping options. You can choose the shipping speed that best suits your needs.

Neon Sign Styles

What Are Wireless Neon Signs Like?

How to Integrate Neon Art Into Artworks?

Neon sign installation on picture or painting frames

Custom neon signs can be installed on picture or painting frames, turning your neon sign into a work of art. This type of installation combines two art forms to create a unique and eye-catching artistic expression. By customizing a quote or name neon sign, you can convey your philosophical beliefs or values.

After Sale

What is your return and exchange policy?

We accepts returns and exchanges within 30 days. Buyer is responsible for return postage costs and any loss in value if an item isn't returned in original condition.

I recently moved and lost the remote control, Can I also purchase a new one?

Yes, you can provide your order number and updated address, and we will send you a new remote control free of charge. At AOOS, we offer lifetime worry-free service to our customers.


I'd like to know if you do wholesale at all?

Certainly! We offer wholesale services and would be happy to discuss your specific needs. Please contact us at, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We are a design company. Will you provide us with a discount?

We welcome long-term partnerships with designers and offer discounts based on the quantity of the orders. Please contact us at