Custom Table Numbers Unique Modern Acrylic Vase with Neon Light


Revolutionize your event decor with our Custom Table Numbers, featuring a sleek, modern acrylic vase encircled by an enchanting neon light. These exclusive table markers are not just functional but also serve as a captivating centerpiece, perfect for adding a contemporary twist to event branding or wedding receptions. The neon ring casts a warm, inviting glow, ensuring your tables are the highlight of the celebration.

Each table number is precisely crafted, offering a clear, durable acrylic base that holds your custom branding or logo signage. The neon circle adds a vibrant touch, creating an alluring halo of light that enhances visibility and adds to the ambiance. This innovative design marries the minimalist charm of the acrylic with the bold statement of neon, making each table a landmark of modern elegance.

Perfectly suited for any upscale event, from product launches to intimate nuptials, these Custom Table Numbers serve as a chic way to guide guests while reinforcing your unique brand identity. The integrated vase provides a functional space for floral arrangements or other creative decor elements, allowing you to infuse your personal style into every detail.

Choose our Custom Table Numbers with Neon Light Circle for your next event and watch as they transform your venue with their unique glow, ensuring your brand or special day is remembered for its distinguished and stylish presentation.