Custom Neon Channel Letters

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Neon Channel Letters

Neon channel letters are a type of signage composed of individual letters illuminated by neon lights. These letters are typically made from metal or plastic channels that form the shape of each letter, number, or symbol. Inside these channels, LED neon tubes or gas-filled glass neon tubes are installed, which light up when powered. This creates a bright, vibrant glow that is visible both day and night. Neon channel letters are commonly used for business signs to draw attention and provide visibility for storefronts, restaurants, bars, and many other types of commercial establishments. They are valued for their classic, eye-catching appearance and their ability to be customized in various colors, fonts, and sizes.

Our Custom Channel Letters feature the following key aspects:

• Smooth Edges & Detailing: The cutting edges of each Channel Letter are very smooth and will not cut the skin, as every detail is manually polished to provide a good product experience, which stands as our core competitive advantage.

• Durable Paint Finish: The exterior paint finish of the Channel Letters is beautiful, durable, and smooth to the touch. We do not use cheap materials, ensuring the product quality is reliable.

• Versatile Lighting Options: The internal light source of the Channel Letters can be LED neon tubes or traditional gas-filled glass tubes, catering to different decorative needs.

• Simple Installation: The installation process is very simple, requiring no specialized knowledge. We use UL-certified power supplies instead of inferior ones, ensuring the product's durability and safety.