What Color Options are Available for Custom Neon Signs?

Custom neon signs are an excellent way to add personality and creativity to your business or personal space. Not only do they catch the eye, but they can also be customized to match your specific color preferences. In this blog, we will explore the different color options for custom neon signs and provide the CMYK values for these colors.

There are many different colors to choose from when it comes to custom neon signs, ranging from classic colors such as red and blue to more unique colors such as pink and purple. Some popular color options include:

  • Lemon Yellow   FFFF00
  • Turquoise          00FFFF
  • Light Pink          FFBCDB
  • Golden Yellow   FFD700
  • Green                00FF7F
  • Red                   FF0000
  • Purple               B867FF
  • Blue                  1E90FF
  • Hot Pink            FF69B4
  • Deep green       07C700
  • Tomato              FF6347
  • Warm White      FFF4E3
  • White                 FFFFFF
  • Ice Blue             87CEFA
  • Orange              FFA500

In addition to these classic color options, full-color changing functionality can also be customized. You can use a remote control to choose from hundreds of colors for your neon sign. You can pick a color that you like to stay steady or choose multiple colors for an automatic cycling mode. However, it's important to note that this full-color changing feature is only applicable to neon signs with a single color and comes at a higher cost.

As designers, we recommend mixing multiple colors in the design of a neon sign's text or artwork. Although they cannot change color, the blend of colors makes the neon sign more colorful and attractive, achieving an effect that is visually appealing. This design service is free, and you can simply tell us the custom parts and their colors in the order note box.

In summary, there are many color options available for custom neon signs, from classic to unique colors. Full-color changing functionality is also possible but comes at a higher cost. Mixing colors in a neon sign's design is recommended to create an attractive and visually appealing effect.

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