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    Mount your neon directly onto the wall。

    Acrylic display that follows the shape of your neon.

    Acrylic display in the shape of a square around your neon.

    The neon light can stand on desk by itself

    Clear White Black
    Clear White Black
    Clear White Black

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● We ship worldwide.

● Standard shipping: 2 weeks. ($9.99)

● Economy shipping: 4 weeks. (Free)


● 100% Unconditional money-back guarantee FOR ANY REASON!

● Neon tubes are glass so they are fragile. If your neon is damaged in shipping, We will replacing this item without a hassle. Just need to send a photo for us, you will NOT need to return the broken sign to us. We will IMMEDIATELY send a brand new sign to you at no extra cost!

● A 180-day guaranteed replacement, a 180-day unconditional money-back guarantee, and a 1-year warranty are included with every sign!

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