When creating your neon sign, color choice is one of the most important factors. Perhaps the colors of your signs are based on your business logo, or maybe it’s a part of your home decor. Either way, choosing the right color is essential in creating a neon sign that you desire.

9 Colors Smiley Neon Sign

AOOS offers a variety of colors to choose from that will meet your needs and bring your designs to life! Whether it’s a sign with just one color or seven colors, we are here to make sure that it is fantastic.


Feed Me Burgers and Tell Me I’m Pretty Neon Sign

Wonderland Neon Sign

Everything Is Better in Pink Neon Sign

Pink Love Heart Neon Sign

One of our most popular color choices is pink! This color is eye-catching, festive, and bright. It draws a lot of attention and is most popular in stores, salons, and interior design. 


Red Snapper Neon Sign

Printing Woman Red Lips Neon Sign

Trust Me You Can Dance Tequila Neon Sign

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody Neon Sign

Flying Pig Neon Sign

Red is a classic color choice! Some of the biggest brands such as McDonald’s and Nike are known for using red in many of their light displays and advertisements. This color commands attention while being very versatile and appealing to all demographics, perfect for many businesses.


Wake Up There Are Blue Skies Neon Sign

Blue Moon Stars the Night is Alright Neon Sign

Anchor Neon Sign

Dads Garage Neon Sign

Tropic Like it’s Hot Neon Sign

Electrify your space with the bright and cool vibes that blue neon signs offer. Whether it’s dark blue, light, blue, or icy blue, you cannot go wrong with this trendy color. Blue is very popular in home decor as it helps provide a calm and soothing atmosphere.

Square Four Colors Neon Sign

At AOOS we design to please all of our customers and work closely with them to customize the most unique and beautiful pieces. Click the link below to browse our color selections, or contact us directly for a mock-up of what you envision for your space. We can explore multiple color options before creating your neon sign, and what’s amazing is that our color changing remote control allows you to have multiple color options for your neon sign. One day your sign can be red, and the next day you can switch it to purple, it’s entirely up to you! The remote also allows your sign to cycle through various colors that we program, giving you the option to illuminate your space in whatever mood you are in.

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