It’s that time of the year where all of the stores are filled with various holiday decorations, DIY and inspirational posts are all over the Internet, and you are looking for how you are going to add holiday touches to your home. One fabulous and very unique way to add holiday cheer to your space is with a neon sign! Continue reading for ideas on how you can set your space apart from everyone else this holiday season.


Holiday season traditionally starts around September, this is the start of Fall. Tones of yellow, orange, and brown, are beginning to pop up in nature and in decor. Get inspired by these tones when considering neon art for the season. You could opt for a cozy quote in yellow. Or a fun pumpkin and leaves! The wonderful thing about LED neon signs is that they are very lightweight and can be mounted to the wall with 3M command strips, rather creating than holes. So since most of your holiday neon signs may only be temporary, you will not need to worry about damaging your walls when mounting your neon signs. 


Once October starts to roll around, the harvest season transforms into spooky season as well! This is a very fun time of the year where you can go all out with your decor. A neon jack-o’-lantern, fun skull, creepy spider, or a heart are all festive ways to decorate for October and Halloween. You can place your neon sign on the wall next to faux cobwebs and spiders, or on top of a side table with Gothic candles, there are countless ideas that can match everyone’s tastes. 


After fall we welcome a beautiful and spectacular winter. Twinkle lights fill our streets and there’s Christmas carols everywhere. Get into the magical holiday spirit of winter with a festive neon light. Perhaps your sign says  something catchy like ”Fa la la”. Or maybe you want to excite the kids with a neon sign of Santa Claus! Find inspiration all around you and transform it into a neon sign, you can even place it next to your Christmas tree or on a fireplace mantle. No matter what you decide, you are sure to light up your space with holiday cheer!


Quickly after Christmas, New Year’s is approaching. It’s party season and time for the big countdown, or perhaps it’s time to reflect on the past year and create new resolutions! Express the new year holiday with a gorgeous LED neon light that suits your plans. Throwing a party? What about the word “Cheers”, or light up the countdown with the numbers “3 2 1”. Celebrating low key? What about an inspirational quote to get you ready for the new year such as “tomorrow is a new day” or “the sky is not the limit”. 


Just shortly after settling into the new year, it is time to celebrate Love with Valentine’s Day! Whether you are throwing a holiday party, celebrating with your family, or preparing for a hot date, you can illuminate your space in a very sweet way. Hearts, Cupid bows, and sweet phrases are beautiful Valentines Day neon art ideas that will add beauty to the special day and will also look great in your space throughout the year!

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