Do you love interior design with a bit of an edge? Find inspiration in LED neon lights that will illuminate your mind and your home.


The living room is the perfect area to socialize, relax, spend time with your family, and simply live! No matter how bright your living room may be, there’s always room for some neon lights to add a little extra pop and help create a more dynamic space. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas for what your neon sign can be in your living room space. Romantic phrases such as “Je T’aime” (meaning “I love you” in French) are a sweet touch to a living room. While popular motivational phrases such as, “You Only Live Once” add style and liveliness to any living room wall. Once you’ve decided what you want your sign to say, sit back and relax on your couch to enjoy the beauty of neon decor.


One of the most unique ways to decorate your kitchen is with a neon light. You can really transform this space with so many fun or clever designs and phrases. Whether you are a chef, home cook, or baker, there’s a sign that will speak to you. 

“Cheers”, “Made with Love”, “Chef”, “Bottoms Up”, “But first Coffee”, “Eat and be happy”…those are just some of the fun words and phrases that are so fitting for a kitchen. Add your favorite color and you’ve got the perfect pop of neon that is sure to be a popular piece of art amongst visitors. However, don’t limit yourself with words and phrases as ideas for your kitchen light. Designs of coffee mugs, chefs hats, and champagne glasses, are also great neon light ideas that pair perfectly with a kitchen as well.


The bedroom is often the sanctuary of the home, and neon is a lovely way to illuminate your space. Not only does the neon light serve as a statement piece of art, but it also serves as a night light! Sleep amongst the design of clouds, stars, or a beautiful quote filled with love and positivity.

Neon lights are also perfect for children’s rooms. You can add to the fun theme/design of their space with dinosaurs, rainbows, and hearts. If your little one sleeps in the nursery, neon lights are very popular above the baby’s crib. This is a beautiful way to display their name, or a precious phrase such as “to the moon and back” or  “sweet dreams”!


Neon signs in the bathroom are becoming more and more popular! The bathroom is probably one of the more unique areas of the home to decorate in neon lights and the coolest options are endless.

“Hello Gorgeous” is a great phrase to place above a bathroom vanity, plus it acts as a bonus confidence booster! While sweet phrases are a beautiful touch, you can also illuminate your bathroom with unique and creative designs like mermaids, bubbles, or even a quirky rubber duck. Neon lights can add both drama and playfulness to your bathroom.

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