Sometimes it can be difficult and exhausting to find the proper sign,
and you could feel like you're going in circles. There are so many various
types of signage available, including LED neon signs. This post will assist
you in determining which sort of signage is most appropriate for your situation.
Remember that because our signs are manufactured to order, a lot of what
makes a sign work in a particular place depends on the sign's design as well.
Please visit our other blog post to learn how to create your own unique neon
signs without any prior design knowledge.

Establishing your budget is the first step in locating the ideal sign for your
situation. Custom signage can range widely in price depending on its size and
our add on features such as color changing option, outdoor use, etc. However,
we have the ability to work with all budget sizes, and our design team can make
helpful. Suggestions that will work for your budget. 

Second, you should decide what purpose you want the sign to serve. Is it to
occupy a background position where you want it to appear excellent but not
draw all the attention? Our high-quality LED neon, which can be lowered to a
lower level so as not to detract from the focal point of your show but still appear
excellent when it is. Would you rather that the sign on the other side receive all
the attention? In order to achieve the best glow, we advise using our dimmer to
create the brightest glow.

Thirdly, it's crucial to decide the look and style you are going for. We offer a
variety of fonts, colors, and unlimited designs. You can browse our wide
selection of neon signs, suitable for any business, home, or occasion. Or you
can upload an image of your own logo or design, and our team will re-create
that for you. We pride ourselves in perfection, and have the ability to provide all
customers with a mock up if they would like one. This ensures that the customer
will be happy with the final product as designs are approved prior to production.

Benefits of Neon Signs for Your Business: 
You might think that a neon sign has no place in a professional corporate or
office setting. But, if done correctly, they can be a tasteful addition to your
Of course, you don’t want a sign that’s flashing or distracting in a place where
employees are meant to concentrate or greet important clients. However, neon
signs have had a modern revival that has rendered them tasteful, playful, and
relevant to many different businesses. Here are a few ways a custom neon sign
can benefit your business
Entirely customizable: No need to pick from a handful of stock signs made up of
generic symbols or text. You can create exactly what you want and choose your
own design, fonts, and colors. 
Very visible: Neon signs are instantly noticeable, so having one for your
business will make your brand more visible to anyone who walks in the door. 
Efficient and easy to maintain: Neon signs are actually easier to maintain than
other illuminated signs. There’s no risk of breaking the tube, unlike glass neon,
and it also doesn’t use heavy metals or gas. since the light bulbs don’t have to
be changed as often. Furthermore, neon lights use less energy than a standard
lightbulb, saving you money on your monthly electric bill. 
Unique and impressive: Stand out from the crowd with a fun and catchy custom
LED neon sign. These signs are often so memorable that clients will love
snapping and sharing photos of it, which is a great way to reach a wider

Ideas of Custom Neon Signs for Your Company 
Custom neon signs can be used in different business settings, such as in
different areas of your office as well as for corporate events. Here are a few
different ideas for custom LED neon signs for your business: 
Company Logo 

Instead of having a one-dimensional depiction of your company’s logo, turn it
into a bright and bold neon sign.  
Business Name 

Making a bespoke neon sign displaying your company's name is another
effective way to stand out if you lack a distinctive logo or would simply prefer to
highlight it. If your company already employs a particular style or typeface, you
may incorporate that into the neon sign you design because signs can be
created in a variety of styles. 
In order to draw attention and make a statement, many restaurants use a neon
sign that is colored. Customers are drawn to the color and the restaurant can
use it to promote its brand on social media by producing shareable photographs
with the company name in them.

Quotations for Your Meeting Space 
By including a motivating phrase in your meeting space, board room, or even
staff dining area, you may add some flair to your regular staff gatherings. Any
quote that is relevant to your industry or motivates your staff will do. 

You should choose brief, straightforward quotes for a neon sign. Use a quote
with few words and no more than two or three lines. When your staff or clients
enter a board room, you want them to be able to see and read the quote right
away. A lengthy quote would be less effective because it would take more time
to read.

You can create a neon sign out of a collection of phrases that sum up your
company's ideals if you don't want to utilize a quotation. 
Here are some suggestions for succinct inspirational sayings that can be used in
practically any industry: 
  • Talent is beaten by effort. 
  • The dream is made possible by teamwork. 
  • Imagination, integrity, and purpose
Signs for Corporate Events 

A bespoke neon sign is an excellent method to increase attention and morale at
any event, be it a conference to meet new clients, a product launch, or corporate
The neon sign you use for this kind of event can be approached as you like. Use
just your company's name or logo if you want to be safe. This would be perfect if
you wanted to attract new clients or partners while attending a conference. 
On the other side, you might select a neon sign that advertises the launch of a
new product or partnership.
Business Party 



The name or logo of your business does not always need to be shown on a
neon sign. In fact, it isn't even necessary for it to be text. 
Perhaps you have in mind a particular image that serves as a symbol for your
company, such as a mascot, a certain item, or even a location. 

Nearly anything you can imagine may be turned into a personalized LED neon
sign at AOOS. A neon country map can be added to the walls as wall decor if
your business is a family-run enterprise and you want to honor that. This will
give your office a more unique feel.
Searching for the best signage for your specific need can be hard, but with the
right preparation and decisions, we can make it easy for you. For any enquiries
about LED Neon, please don’t hesitate to call us at 213-328-2667, or send us an 
email at services@aoos.com for a response within 8-12 hours.

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