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LED NEON- A Safe & Sweet Way to Add Light to your Child’s Room

If you search for images of nurseries or childrens rooms on Pinterest one of the first things you will see is a room accompanied by a sweet neon sign. Neon art is one of the trendiest ways to decorate a nursery for your little one. Whether it’s above the crib/bed or the changing table, there are so many ways to illuminate your child’s room with an LED neon light.


One popular way to make a statement in your baby’s room is by displaying their name in neon. Some parents opt for both the first and middle name. Font selection is a great way to define the style of the room. Try having your baby’s name made in a cursive font for a whimsical touch. Or go for a bold and simple font for a modern vibe. You can pair your child’s name with a pair of angel wings, or another sweet design that you feel truly channels their energy.


Express yourself with a sweet quote for your baby’s nursery or child’s room. Whether it’s from your child’s favorite story book or nursery rhyme, a neon sign with a quote is a beautiful way to enhance the space. Check out our list below of adorable quotes/phrases that are perfect for any space.

“Twinkle twinkle little star”

“To the moon & back”

 “I Love You”

“All you need is love”

“Sweet dreams”

“Dream dream dream”

“Good Night”

“Milk Drunk”

“Sweet girl”

“Big boy”

“You are so loved”


Fun and playful neon art is another great way to decorate your child’s room or nursery and doubles  as a fun night light! Smiley faces, unicorns, and other cool designs can be placed near the child’s reading nook or play toys. It is a great way to illuminate the space in a vibrant and cheerful way.

Once you’ve figured out what you want your neon sign to say, you can place it just about anywhere in your baby's nursery or child’s room. You can make your neon sign really pop by placing it on a colorful wall like pink, blue, or gray. Flower walls, grass walls, or unique wallpaper are also great canvases for your neon sign. The options are truly endless and you will have so much fun designing a space that is truly unique to your child using an LED neon light.

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