Beer Framed Canvas Painting Poster Wall Art

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Material: Aluminum Alloy Shape: Rectangular Photo frame color classification: White, Black Frame width: 1.0cm Frame thickness: 2.5cm The plexiglass used, the plexiglass has a film on both sides, please tear off the protective film on both sides before use. All screws are hidden inside the frame for a cleaner look. The four sides of the frame are cleanly closed with no gaps. The size of the photo frame is larger than A3. The default is hollow board. It is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. It can be recycled, waterproof, impact resistant, tough, and light. The size of the photo frame is less than or equal to A3. The default is MDF. The plate is flat, the surface is smooth, impact resistant, the material is fine, the performance is stable, and the strength is high. We have more choices for different photo frame designs, welcome to choose from and take a look at our store.
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