All You Need Is LOL Real Glass Neon Sign For Bedroom Garage Bar Man Cave Room Home Decor Handmade Artwork Wall Lighting Includes Dimmer

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Glass Neon
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Size: 11"x19" (27cm x 48cm)


You can select dimmable and custom colors before add to cart, we can customize different colors for you, and this real glass neon art sign supports dimmable, You can adjust your neon to any brightness you want.

We offer the following standard colors: Pink, Blue, Turquoise blue, Purple, White, Warm white, Green, Light yellow, And special colors: Dark red, Dark yellow.

Free shipping to all nations! Item supplied 3 meters wires and the plug and voltage are suitable for your local standard.

Get a beautiful neon art sign to dress up your wall of bedroom, garage, home Bar, man cave, and any room, Neon signs have a way of touching the human heart with their warm glow.

Real glass neon tubes mounted on transparent acrylic backplane cut in outline shape, No installation needed. All works are pre-assembled on transparent acrylic backplane with two screws or a rope to easily hang it, Just hang them up, enjoy!

We can customize your personalized neon lights, Let your imagination run wild and we can turn it into a reality! Feel free to email us if you have any questions, We will reply to your message within 8-10 hours.
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